Benefits Of Webcasting For Marketing

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Welcome to our fourth and final installment in our blog series on the capabilities and benefits of video webcasting for organizations. For the past three blogs, we’ve talked a bit about the benefits that webcasting can have for executive communications, employee communications, and training and development – a few of the different ways that video can enhance communications within an organization.  You can find the links to the previous blogs below.

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For our final installment, we wanted to explore the tremendous capabilities of video webcasting for communicating with people outside of your organization. That’s why today, we’re going to talk about the applications that video and webcasting can have in marketing your product and brand.

Enhanced Customer Engagement Through Video

When compared to conventional communication methods that utilize printed materials, video has shown to be more effective when it comes to engaging clients and getting them to stay on the website for longer, which is great for marketing and strategies that are focused on conversions. Customers are also more likely to retain the information that they are presented with when it’s more visual.  This is because video allows for non-verbal communication, which makes up about 90% of all communication according to experts. Beyond just images, having a person on screen enhances the information through things like their tone of voice and facial expressions.  These non-verbal, human elements allow you and your brand to communicate a wide variety of information about your culture, your values, and your brand, all in a short amount of time with high knowledge retention rates. It’s a very powerful way to form and deepen relationships with your customer base.

Another great use is to take existing marketing initiatives and enhance their reach and ROI through webcasting. For example, if your company is going to a tradeshow, live video webcasting the event can take your potential reach from the hundred or so people who’ll see you at the event to thousands of potential customers online. Video webcasting allows your company to quickly disseminate a high volume of quality information to a broad base of viewers while enjoying the benefits that visual communication provides.

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This wraps up our four part series on the organizational benefits of video webcasting.  If you have more questions about any of the topics we’ve covered or would like to know more about how the MediaPlatform software can strengthen your internal and external communications, feel free to contact our experts here at MediaPlatform, or check out our online resources. We look forward to helping you take communication in your company to the next level by leveraging our customized enterprise video solution.

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