The Latest Stats on the Explosive Growth of Mobile Video Consumption

When you want to watch a video, whether at home or work, what’s your go-to device?

Ten years ago, you would have reached for the TV remote and flipped through the channels to see what’s on. Five years ago, you might have searched YouTube on your desktop computer. Today, you’re more likely to reach for a tablet or smartphone, enter your specific search, and watch exactly what you had in mind. In fact, you probably have apps such as Netflix or HBO Go that you use to watch your favorite shows and movies on your own terms. Mobile video consumption has arrived, and it’s poised to grow explosively.

According to Ooyala, mobile video is expected to account for nearly half of all video content consumed by 2016. The latest Global Video Index (Q3, 2014) from Ooyala reveals an astounding 114 percent rise in video views on mobile screens. Not only that, tablet viewers are watching videos longer than 10 minutes in length 68 percent of the time.

Another survey by Strategy Analytics shows that we’re watching more often, too. 21 percent of mobile video viewers spend up to three hours per week watching videos on their mobile devices.

What’s the appeal of watching mobile video on a tiny screen? For starters, those screens aren’t so tiny any more. Smartphones have grown dramatically, and “phablets” have emerged bridging the gap between smartphone and tablet. If you’ve ever curled up on the couch with an iPad and an episode of Orange is the New Black or Dr. Who, you know that viewing video content on a tablet is quite enjoyable. Unlike gathering around a big screen TV and collectively deciding on a program to watch, each individual can watch whatever it is they want to watch on their own devices.

While this trend may or may not be ideal for families, the personalization of mobile video in the workplace is ideal for employees. For example, an employee interested in learning time management can quickly access training videos that teach time management techniques. Meanwhile another employee might need to master the art of negotiation.

Mobile video is here to stay, and the stats point to continued growth.


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