How to Enhance the Employee Onboarding Process with Video

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Hiring employees can be expensive. One recent estimate from “tallies the average cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee at close to $4,000.” (Source: Given the cost of simply recruiting and hiring an employee, it’s advantageous to try and get them up and running at full capacity as an efficient resource for the company as quickly as possible. The process of initiating a new employee and getting the set up with the various business systems required to begin their work is known as onboarding. One increasing popular enhancement to the traditional onboarding process is the inclusion of video, as it has been shown to make the process more engaging and effective.

There are a number of advantages that using video in the onboarding process offers, including the following listed below:

Connect with the C-Suite: A pre-recorded video welcome greeting to a new employee presents an opportunity to utilize speakers who may not normally be accessible, such as the CEO, President or another member of senior management. Even if not face-to-face communication, allowing a new hire to experience a connection from a high-level executive on day one helps make them feel engaged and a part of their new company.

Cut Down on the Questions: Video is a great platform for addressing frequently asked questions that HR representatives typically find themselves answering over and over again through the course of the onboarding process. According to the CBG Benefits blog, potential questions that employers may want to address in an onboarding video presentation include:

  • How should we describe our employee benefit programs and plans
  • What steps do employees need to take to enroll?
  • What are the common questions or issues that recent new hires have asked or run into?
  • Do we have corporate policies that need to be shared with new employees?

Consistent Messaging: When onboarding presentations are happening multiple times a month, especially when they involve different trainers in larger organizations, there is a risk that the messaging may be presented in different ways on different days. With video, there is a guarantee that employees will receive the same critical bits information in the same order and the same style, regardless of the date they are on-boarded or the trainer running the session.

Like any other video presentation, substance and style matter. The video vignettes should ideally be around 6 minutes or less to maximize the audience levels of engagement[1]. The production quality doesn’t have to be at a professional level, but basic attention to components like lighting and sound go a long way in retaining audience attention. Lastly, when appropriate, it’s never a bad idea to use humor or a bit of levity in an onboarding video. After all, this is a chance to introduce new resources to the company culture and to make them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.



[1] Read our recent post on optimal video length for maximum engagement here:

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