Benefits of CEO Town Halls & Best Practices for Running Them

If you think you’re tired of holding boring meetings, your team is even more weary of attending them. A more engaging alternative is to hold periodic CEO “Town Halls.” CEO town hall meetings are company-wide meetings led by the CEO. They typically include an open agenda where employees may ask questions. Some town hall meetings include a training element.

According to an article by William Hubbartt, Town Hall Meetings Good for Morale, town hall meetings can help employees feel “in the know,” which can lead to improved workplace satisfaction levels. Hubbartt also explained that town hall meetings can be used in good times and in bad to build team spirit and a sense that “we’re all in this together.”

Best Practices for Holding a CEO Town Hall Meeting

A blog post featured on Ragan’s HR Communication makes several great points about how to hold an effective town hall meeting one of which involves NOT reading from a script: “Executives might prepare a few opening remarks, but if employees sense they’re getting a packaged press release, they’ll be skeptical of anything they hear. Encourage your managers to speak spontaneously and honestly.”

Other tips for holding an engaging CEO town hall meeting include: staying focused, limiting the number of messages to about three, ditching boring PowerPoint slides, and engaging in a dialogue with employees. In order to encourage employee questions, you may want to have a few questions prepared in advance or have a separate chat stream where employees can submit questions as they come up. That way, you’ll have plenty of questions to start with while your employees warm up to the idea of asking questions of their own.

Using Webcasting to Hold Virtual CEO Town Hall MeetingsĀ 

While gathering your entire team for a town hall meeting has its benefits, it’s not always practical — especially for global companies. Fortunately, MediaPlatform’s Webcaster is a cloud-based webcasting tool that makes holding your own video town hall meetings a simple matter. Not only can you deliver live, streaming video presentations, your team can interact using integrated polls, moderated Q&As, chats, and other social tools. Since everyone can participate remotely on virtually any device, you can take advantage of the benefits of holding regular, short town halls with minimal disruption.

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