Video and the Distributed Workforce [Infographic]

By January 13, 2014Infographics

What does the modern workplace look like? Is it row upon row of cubicles and modular workstations? Or is it perhaps a more open-flow office plan with shared workspace environments that encourage greater collaboration? In reality the answer is neither as technology has dramatically improved the efficiency of remote employees over the last decade, giving rise to the concept of a distributed workforce.

What is the Distributed Workforce? The distributed workforce is a legion of external/remote employees who can convert coffee shops, park benches, an airport, a hotel room, or anywhere with a WiFi connection into their office space.

In the infographic below, we look at the role that video plays in ensuring efficiency and productivity throughout the distributed workforce. Video meetups can build trust and engagement by fostering regular communication and a platform for establishing timelines and responsibilities amongst individuals working as part of a group from different locations. Video collaboration tools also allow for content sharing as well as a virtual co-working environment. And finally, by helping make a distributed workforce a more feasible option for enterprise organizations, video and the distributed workforce can allow companies to achieve significant cost savings through lower office overhead costs, less travel, and greater efficiency.

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Video and the Distributed Workforce Infographic

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