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Stream Video Meetings to Audiences of Unlimited Size

The MediaPlatform integration with Skype for Business provides enterprises with a solution to take full advantage of the leading webcasting platform. Organizations can now deliver interactive all-hands broadcasts and e-learning sessions to audiences of any size, while also gaining access to robust audience analytics. With this Skype for Business integration, users have access to real-time viewer experience data through a customizable QoE dashboard


Stream Skype for Business Sessions to All Employees

Live stream CEO Town Halls and All-Hands events to internal or external audiences in any location viewing on desktop, tablet or smartphone. The MediaPlatform integration with Skype for Business enables interactive executive presentations that feature registration, PowerPoint slides, Q&A, polls and surveys.

Manage Skype for Business Recordings

MediaPlatform provides organizations with a solution for managing Skype for Business archives in the same enterprise-grade platform as their other corporate media assets. For companies leveraging multiple web conferencing technologies, MediaPlatform provides a secure central repository for sharing links, curating playlists and generating embed code from all of their collaboration sessions. Detailed analytics for on-demand views of each recording are also available.

Improve Knowledge Sharing and Retention

Skype for Business sessions can be uploaded to MediaPlatform immediately following a meeting to more quickly enable the sharing of knowledge with the entire organization. Descriptions and tags make it easy to search an entire catalogue of Skype for Business recordings for specific topics.


Stream to Audiences of Unlimited Size

Organize Recordings and Control Access

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Easily Find Specific Sessions

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Make Recordings Accessible and Searchable

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Real-Time Viewer Data

Technical Highlights

Video QoS and QoE

MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence provides a level of insight into the user experience for live video presentations that has never been seen in the live streaming industry. Drill down to see an individual’s user experience. If problems are detected with the stream, VBI’s robust visualization UI allows the live stream producer to quickly pinpoint the cause.

Network Optimization Technology

Stream to virtually any end user, regardless of location or content distribution technology. MediaPlatform solves the challenges of Skype for Business broadcasting by utilizing a rules-based engine and leveraging all available online video distribution options to ensure delivery.

No Limit on Audience Size

Easily and securely reach audiences of over 10,000 live concurrent viewers, allowing multiple simultaneous live events, and multiple remote presenters.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Superb video playback quality, using Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) technologies and Tier1 CDNs.

LDAP and Active Directory

Single sign-on integration with internal and external authentication systems.

Roles and Permission Management

Control who can upload Skype for Business recordings. Ability to control visibility of channels and reports.

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