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MediaPlatform Releases HTML5 Player for Flash-Less Live Streaming

Leading Enterprise Video Platform Enables Delivery of HLS Content to the Desktop with Failover

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 30th, 2017 – MediaPlatform (, the leading video streaming solution for the enterprise, today announced the release of its HTML5 Unified Video Player with support for delivery of content to the desktop without reliance on Adobe Flash technology.

MediaPlatform pioneered enterprise HTTP live streaming (HLS) to iOS. The Unified Video Player is the next step in the evolution of a product designed to meet the needs of organizations with plans to transition away from Flash, while remaining the most secure option for companies significantly invested in IP multicasting. With this announcement, MediaPlatform becomes the only enterprise video product on the market capable of providing organizations with both an option for Flash-less live streaming, as well as continuing to be the premier solution for companies that still rely on this format as their primary source in some locations.

“The problem we’ve solved is not only Flash-less delivery; but also, supporting organizations and the many ways they will transition from their current delivery solutions to new ones,” stated Mike Newman, MediaPlatform’s CEO. “Employing our unique failover capabilities, organizations can safely and methodically move towards Flash-less delivery without having to make a dramatic move from their legacy infrastructure.”

The new MediaPlatform Unified Video Player works in conjunction with the award-winning WebCaster solution, the Fortune 1000’s preferred platform for delivering large-scale internal corporate broadcasts. This new player can adapt to the complex network environments often found inside global enterprises and handle HLS, HDS or RTMP video.

WebCaster is powered by MediaPlatform SmartPath, the company’s rules-based live streaming technology that allows the Unified Video Player to leverage all available technology to ensure delivery of the proper stream to the end user. This intelligent routing achieved through SmartPath guarantees viewers will receive the media stream that makes sense for their unique combination of hardware, browser and network, delivered over the most efficient and network- safe technology possible.

The release of the MediaPlatform Unified Video Player is a continuation of the company’s agnostic video strategy that provides organizations with multiple options for tailoring a content delivery approach to fit the unique needs of their networks.

“The MediaPlatform Video Player allows our customers to have complete control over delivery to their audiences as they transition away from Flash,” said Jared Hawkins, VP Product at MediaPlatform. “We’ve found that many enterprises need the flexibility to deliver a plugin-free HTML5 video experience to segments of their audience while at the same time maintaining the ability to use Flash in other areas of their networks. With our new player we are excited to provide this flexibility which we think is unique in the market.”

About MediaPlatform
MediaPlatform is the leading enterprise video platform enabling large-scale live streaming and on-demand video for corporate communications, training and collaboration across all industries. With solutions for content creation, delivery and quality of service monitoring, MediaPlatform provides organizations that include Abbott Laboratories, FINRA, Phillips 66, Sprint and UL with the most feature-rich enterprise video product on the market.

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