Live Video Distribution

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Enterprise Video Webcast Delivery

MediaPlatform SmartPath gives enterprises the unique ability to webcast to virtually any end user, regardless of location or content distribution technology. SmartPath solves the challenges of video distribution by utilizing a rules-based engine and leveraging all available online video distribution options to ensure delivery.

Benefits of SmartPath Online Video Distribution

“MediaPlatform’s SmartPath technology gives the company a distinct edge on its competition and is MediaPlatform’s single most compelling differentiator from a technology perspective.”

MediaPlatform Wins Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Webcasting Award

Media Distribution and Failover Rules

SmartPath works in conjunction with MediaPlatform WebCaster and provides a framework to define the particular set of media distribution and failover rules that make sense for an organization by using a rule-based IP address analysis to assign a compatible stream to each video distribution technology dynamically.

Ensure Webcast Delivery

Webcast audience participants on the general Internet may be good candidates to receive their stream from a CDN (such as Akamai), while other viewers may be good candidates for Adobe Multicast Fusion. Each audience participant will receive the media stream that makes sense for them (e.g. HTML5 over HTTP streaming or Flash video over RTMP) delivered over the most efficient and network safe technology possible (e.g. a CDN or eCDN or WAN Acceleration device, and so forth). This ensures smooth online video distribution and delivery to all attendees.

Webcast Behind the Firewall

Using MediaPlatform SmartPath, your organization can leverage all existing delivery solutions in tandem with suitable delivery mechanisms where needed. MediaPlatform’s WebCaster can be configured to match streams to video content delivery solutions by IP address range and other factors.

Cost Savings

Leverage existing tools alongside modern cost-effective solutions. This future-proofing of video infrastructure will prove beneficial as your organization adapts to mergers, acquisitions and restructurings.

Technical Highlights of the Video Distribution Platform



Multiple encoders and servers can be put into service simultaneously to provide redundancy and real-time failover.


WebCaster’s built-in re-director function allows for hot swapping of encoders or servers in the event of a failure.

Unmatched Audience Reach

Reach any viewer, anywhere on any device by delivering the appropriate stream based on user profile.

Automated Routing

In the event of an encoder or server failure, a viable stream is automatically routed to the video player.

SmartPath and Video Streaming Explained

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