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Whatever you need to communicate at your next online event, MediaPlatform will help you reach the right audience with the right message—and achieve the right results. We produce thousands of fully managed webinars for businesses and organizations around the world. Our comprehensive solution makes it easy for you to include the rich media content and interactive features you need to engage and inform your audience. And our robust reporting captures in-depth detail about your webcast – helping you continue the dialogue long after the event. With MediaPlatform, your online events are reliable, impactful, efficient and turnkey. Read our tips on how to enhance your online events here.

Products and Services

MediaPlatform enables you to create completely custom experiences for your audiences with its highly reliable and scalable platform for webcasting. MediaPlatform delivers immersive, measurable solutions to more effectively engage audiences. With MediaPlatform it’s easy to execute engaging town hall meetings, sales training, and other corporate communications events directed at internal audiences.

Video Platform and Publishing

Live webcasting engages your audience with high-quality video and audio presentations complete with surveys, polls and Q&A. With MediaPlatform, the audience sees your brand while registering for and attending a live webcast. There are no conference call numbers to remember; a single URL provides access to the event, and no downloads or plug-ins are required.

Webcasting Benefits

  • Highly scalable live events over the web
  • Customizable events strengthen your brand
  • Per-event pricing lowers total cost
  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Powerful registration and reporting

Reporting & Analytics

MediaPlatform leads the industry in reporting capabilities to help you measure the success of your events and capture the best leads. Easily track ROI of your lead campaigns, measure the effectiveness of your content, and analyze the engagement level of your audience.


Webconferencing allows you to host a small-scale online meeting at a low-cost for your company or organization. Your web conference gives you the option to upload your PowerPoint presentation and share with a small group over the internet. The audio portion of the webconference is purchased separately, allowing you to save money while hosting a successful meeting.

Webconferencing Benefits

  • Low-cost alternative to high-tech online presentation
  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Turn-key meeting production

Reporting & Analytics

From managing your registration data to providing you with in-depth attendee activity, MediaPlatform is dedicated to delivering customizable reporting necessary to prove the success behind your webconference.

Transcripts, Closed-Captioning and Live Interpretation

Give your online event that competitive edge by offering transcriptions and close-captions to your live and on-demand presentations. MediaPlatform offers a full array of translations into multiple languages, providing you with the option to host online events all over the world. MediaPlatform follows the industry standard guidelines in ensuring 99% accuracy in our transcript and closed-captioning services.


MediaPlatform will provide you with a written transcript of your audio and/or video event within 24 – 48 hours of hosting your online event.


Whether you’re hosting a live or on-demand online presentation, MediaPlatform will display real-time closed captions to your viewer’s video screen.

Live Interpretation

MediaPlatform offers consecutive and simultaneous live interpretation of your live or on-demand webcast in multiple languages.

Industry Solutions

MediaPlatform offers a full array of high-quality services and products for web-based communications solutions.

  • Increase your audience reach
  • Train your staff
  • Inform your shareholders
  • Extend content life with our comprehensive resource library

Associations & Conferences

In today’s business environment, global reach and easy access to information are imperative. More than any other leading webcasting platform, MediaPlatform delivers the most reliable major events, conference highlights and comprehensive training programs to associations around the globe. From creation to transmission of synchronized presentations, MediaPlatform can serve any audience, anywhere in the world.

MediaPlatform Webcasting Benefits for Associations

  • Increase your membership retention
  • Provide additional membership benefits
  • Robust reporting that will assist in membership ROI
  • Continuing education seminars
  • Online broadcasts from trade shows and conferences
  • Registration management, tracking and reporting

Service that Exceeds Expectations

  • Create programs to your specifications—no technical expertise needed
  • Get complete pre-production and on-site event production and support
  • Receive immediate event feedback with quizzing and polling
  • Establish market segments by tracking online registrants through demographic profiles
  • Customize your conferences with features such as registration, reporting, links, and much more
  • Enhance presentations with audio, video, transcripts, hyperlinks, graphics, and audience polling


GSA Federal Supply Service Contract: Number: GS-35F-0118N

Government organizations face high expectations to keep the citizens they serve informed. Due to budget constraints, most government agencies struggle to deliver high-impact communications to their customers.

With MediaPlatform, agencies can provide knowledge on-demand without breaking their budgets. Our full array of solutions reliably delivers communications, training, and knowledge management services — while keeping costs under control and maximizing resources.

Utilize Webcasting for your Critical Projects

  • Citizen Outreach: Increase the audience for your outreach efforts with powerful web events that convey information in multiple media formats.
  • Training & Education: Archive your training and education sessions with on-demand events that add value and longevity to your education initiatives.
  • Conferences & Events: Broadcast conference presentations with live or on-demand video. MediaPlatform can manage set-up and production to get you started in no time.
  • Collaboration: Facilitate inter and intra agency collaboration with online meeting tools that capture and share important information whenever you need it.
  • Telework: Help offsite employees stay current with online meeting and communication tools. No downloads and firewall-friendly technology make it easy to keep your team connected.
  • Community Building: Provide weblogs, forums, and community features to your audience. Gather feedback and create an interactive environment to support your mission-critical objectives.

Technology that’s easy to use, seamless, and secure. Anyone can use MediaPlatform to deliver information or training—no technical background necessary. We offer solutions that are both SECTION 508 and SCORM compliant. MediaPlatform has made significant investments in its webcasting platform, including the deployment of completely redundant data centers to ensure the highest level of scalability and reliability in the industry. MediaPlatform partners with leading content delivery networks to provide the best possible performance for all users regardless of location or type of connection.

For federal agencies, efficient use of resources is one way to meet or even exceed milestones— supporting your efforts to comply with the President’s Management Agenda (PMA). We’ve directly contributed to one agency’s high marks on their scorecard.

MediaPlatform knows how to make your communications more proactive, consistent, and dynamic. Enrich your events with video, slides, transcripts, graphics, and more. Content developed for your agency can also be repurposed for use by others—reducing costs and eliminating redundancy.

For federal agencies, efficient use of resources is one way to meet or even exceed milestones— supporting your efforts to comply with the President’s Management Agenda (PMA).We’ve directly contributed to one agency’s high marks on their scorecard.

MediaPlatform knows how to make your communications more proactive, consistent, and dynamic. Enrich your events with video, slides, transcripts, graphics, and more. Content developed for your agency can also be repurposed for use by others—reducing costs and eliminating redundancy.


MediaPlatform Webcasting is an easy, cost-effective and reliable way to create highly-effective messages for your audience. Not only does webcasting support your efforts in building relationships with clients, but it also assists in moving prospects through the sales cycle. MediaPlatform can customize your events to create a compelling, interactive message to reach a global audience while increasing revenue at the same time.

With MediaPlatform, you can deliver timely, dynamic sales and marketing information to any size audience, at any location. We have a wide assortment of cost-effective solutions that help companies reach their target audience and sharpen their competitive edge.

MediaPlatform Webcasting Benefits for Marketing

  • Develop new business and generate leads
  • Cultivate customer and business relationships
  • Launch new products
  • Deliver sales kickoffs and training
  • Create or project an image or brand

Strategic Communication

In today’s global business environment, corporate communications are no longer a luxury, they’re a necessity. MediaPlatform’s revolutionary solutions for strategic communications can help you get your message out to employees, customers, partners, and shareholders — and stay within budget. From full-service webcasts to self-service web conferencing, MediaPlatform offers a variety of communications solutions that keep audiences of any size up-to-date.

MediaPlatform Webcasting Benefits for Strategic Communications

  • High-impact communications. Engage your audience using fully customizable virtual events
  • Global reach. Cost-effectively reach worldwide users on all platforms. No conference calls or downloads
  • Proven scalability and reliability. MediaPlatform leads the industry with its highly scalable and fully redundant webcasting platform
  • Full-service event management. Experienced event professionals available when you need them

Turn Your Communications into Knowledge

Reduce costs, increase participation, and enhance productivity by taking your communications directly to the desktop with webcasting. MediaPlatform’s interactive tools engage your audience and provide you with valuable, robust real-time feedback.

Training and Education

Online training offers numerous advantages over a traditional classroom setting: effective programs can engage and retain employees, ensure uniformity of messages, improve productivity, and reduce training and travel costs. MediaPlatform offers powerful, cost-effective and reliable solutions to reach audiences of all sizes and successfully educate them with high-impact online training.

MediaPlatform lets you create compelling and highly-effective courses with synchronized video, slides, graphics, and much more.

MediaPlatform Webcasting Benefits for Training

  • Promote group collaboration and brainstorming sessions
  • Import test scores and evaluation results into LMS and other applications
  • Engage audiences and maximize retention using polling and quizzing
  • Deliver courses closed-captioned in multiple languages
  • Enhance effectiveness and consistency by ensuring uniform messages

Dynamic Presentations Create Highly-Effective Learning Environments

MediaPlatform Webcasting solutions create an environment of learning that brings ordinary training programs to life. Participants learn at their own pace with advanced video search and navigation tools, and MediaPlatform’s solutions integrate a variety of approaches to address different learning styles. And we offer solutions that are Section 508 and SCORM compliant.

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