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Single Sign-On Authentication Graphic

Single Sign-On Authentication

With the MediaPlatform system authentication takes place behind the corporate firewall, using the customer’s existing directory and tied in through the SAML authentication standard. MediaPlatform takes single sign-on (SSO) one big step further by mapping enterprise directory attributes to MediaPlatform application permissions each time a user signs in. For example, the permission associated with the Super Admin role may be mapped to the “CTO” title attribute within the enterprise’s directory. When a user logs into the enterprise’s SSO the user’s attributes are passed to MediaPlatform, and the permission mapping is applied. If that user is no longer a “CTO” the next time the user logs in, MediaPlatform automatically updates the permissions mappings to reflect this change.

MediaPlatform Cloud Data At Rest

Cloud Data at Rest

MediaPlatform utilizes Amazon’s S3 storage service as its primary file share and storage for content. S3 is highly scalable, reliable, secure, and fast. To ensure scalability and reliability, S3 automatically manages data replication across multiple data centers. Amazon S3 supports server side encryption for data at rest. Amazon S3’s Server Side Encryption handles the encryption, decryption and key management. Data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available. Each object is encrypted with a unique key, and the key itself is encrypted with a master key that is regularly rotated and maintained by Amazon.

MediaPlatform Cloud Data In Motion

Cloud Data in Motion

At a system level, MediaPlatform has strict logic to ensure that assets remain secure. During transport, assets are encrypted, whether the encryption is HTTPS or RTMPE or RTMPS. Authorization is strictly controlled by MediaPlatform’s application servers, and through token authentication when using an external CDN such as Akamai.

Deployment Options

MediaPlatform offers unparalleled deployment flexibility. You can choose our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, or self-host the video platform behind your firewall, or in the cloud.

MediaPlatform Saas and Hybrid Saas Deployment

MediaPlatform SaaS and Hybrid SaaS

MediaPlatform has spent years developing and deploying a world class, enterprise grade video platform for live and on-demand video streaming, webcasting, transcoding and video asset management in the cloud.

SaaS and Hybrid SaaS deployments for an enterprise video platform have become the preferred architecture for most enterprises today due to the many benefits for reducing load on the wide area network, reducing costs, and accelerating deployment.

MediaPlatform Onsite Software Deploy

MediaPlatform On-Premises

MediaPlatform understands that for some customers an on-premises deployment of an enterprise video platform is still the only viable option. MediaPlatform’s systems can be installed as virtual machines, and deployed on virtual servers. Each component of the MediaPlatform application is its own virtual machine.

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