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Corporate All-Hands Meetings

The CEO Town Hall has become an important component of the internal communications strategy at many leading organizations. However, in today’s globally dispersed enterprise, many companies have been forced to spend money on expensive conference bridges, live venues, travel and accommodations. These methods are not only very costly for any organization, but limit the potential audience that can view simultaneously. MediaPlatform offers companies a rich media video webcasting platform for live streaming CEO Town Halls or all-hands meetings to the entire workforce.

Increase Audience Engagement

A key factor in determining if your corporate communications is effective is employee engagement with the content. To ensure engagement, the MediaPlatform suite allows you to enhance your CEO Town hall meeting with PowerPoint slides and pre-recorded video, as well as interactive tools, such as chat, moderated Q&A, polls, and surveys.

Customizable & Brandable All-Hands Meetings

Full event template customization allows your organization to create a unique, branded, all-hands meeting experience, tailored to your requirements. Webcast archives are automatically stored in a secure video portal along with other corporate multimedia content.

Extend The Reach Of Town Halls

No longer is your CEO Town Hall or all-employee meeting held back by the amount of seats that can fit in a live venue or the limit of participants on a conference call bridge. With MediaPlatform, you can now reach every employee, on any network, browser or device. You can also increase the ROI for your CEO town hall meetings by auto-archiving the events for on-demand viewing.

Reduce Costs of All-Employee Meetings

Since you can broadcast your CEO town hall to your entire organization effectively and efficiently through the MediaPlatform system, you eliminate travel expenses for meetings, costs of reserving conference facilities, and the need to invest in expensive conference bridges.

Webcast Delivery

MediaPlatform pioneered an approach to webcasting that enables a pervasive delivery of presentations across virtually any type of delivery scenario. Called MediaPlatform SmartPath, it provides a framework to define the particular set of media distribution and failover rules that make sense for your organization.


MediaPlatform’s solutions can meet the technical requirements of any IT department for media distribution behind the firewall and across multiple networks with Active Directory and LDAP integration.

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