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Why Your Company Needs a Video Streaming Solution

It’s hard to keep up with technology these days. Not long ago we still all used desktop computers the same way previous generations used typewriters.  But of course now it’s possible to live stream almost any event on a hand held device with just an internet connection. In a study done by Livestream, 81 percent of audiences watched more live videos in 2016 than in 2015.

The advancement in video streaming technology has enabled companies to reach large audiences (both internal and external — think employees and shareholders) around the world which has significantly benefited many organizations. Here are the top reasons why your company needs a video streaming solution.

It’s cost effective

Perhaps the best part of a live video streaming solution is that it is cost effective. Prior to live streaming video solutions, organizations were forced to rely on costly video phone solutions with over inflated long distance charges and high priced camera equipment. Or, they simply incurred the costs of arranging every participant to travel to whatever destination an event was occurring. Today, all businesses require is a strong internet, a high-definition camera, and streaming technology.

Even organizations requiring assistance from professional services can enjoy significant cost savings.

It encourages interaction and engagement

Today’s video streaming solutions make it simple for organizations to acquire immediate feedback from employees. Through likes, comments, surveys, and Q&A, employees can easily interact with a variety of content pieces–which they love to do. Facebook reported that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.

It’s essential for live events 

In today’s digital era there is simply no excuse for not live streaming your corporate events. Modern enterprise video solutions make it simple to record speakers, presentations, or anything of relevance to the audience. More and more organizations are choosing to live stream their CEO town hall meetings.

It’s shareable

Today’s live-streaming video solutions make it easy to share content with others. Organizations can now host content in a central location where employees and partners can view, capture, search, rate, and share video through an intuitive, channel-based online video portal accessed through desktop, tablet, or smartphone. With robust search capabilities, employees can easily browse across channels, media type and dialogue. Having content easily accessible for employees also helps improve internal knowledge share.

It’s entertaining

Today’s employees expect news and events to be live streamed. Why? Because it is entertaining. Live streamed video makes employees feel like they are in the middle of the action and part of an active, engaged audience. Live streaming goes a long way in increasing employee engagement while helping employees feel like they are part of the action, especially in the comments section where they can interact on a deeper level.

It promotes transparency

Employees and shareholders expect complete transparency from their colleagues, and especially their leadership. One simple way to build trust and credibility within your organization is by creating live videos. For example your CEO could broadcast town hall meetings where both employees and shareholders have the opportunity to participate in the discussion. Through features such as chat, and Q & A, employees can provide direct feedback and voice any concerns or questions they may have. Live-streaming is also powerful for showcasing candid corporate moments and processes that further allow employees real personalities to shine through.

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