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Why Video is the Most Powerful Communication Medium


By Nicole Olsen 

As organizations around the globe are turning to various technologies to maintain business continuity and allow employees to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, video is rapidly emerging as a leader.

For many of us, this isn’t a surprise. Online video has already changed the way that most of us shop, learn and connect. By next year, one million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks every second. The same study projects video will account for 73% of all
business internet traffic by 2022.

With a surge in the number of businesses transforming into remote workplaces, all these numbers are only going to increase. Here are a few other reasons why video is the most powerful communication medium:


We are visual learners

Visual content plays a large role in our everyday lives, with approximately 65% of the population as visual learners. And according to Forrester Research, 75% of employees prefer it saying they are more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web

Learning management professionals have long understood the power of video for instructional purposes and how it can dramatically lighten cognitive load on students. For many of us the effort required to read and comprehend text communication only increases the amount of stress it creates for our brains. Video reduces this, because there are no complex slides to interpret or weak writing to understand.

Younger employees in particular expect video-based information to learn, research, and enhance skills. A Wainhouse Research survey found that 44% of Millennial-aged workers believe their company communications are outdated and that only 25% of them had received a video message in their company.


It’s ideal for executive presentations

Executives are beginning to recognize the power of video to connect and engage geographically dispersed workplaces. Establishing a regular connection with employees through video is imperative, considering 72% of employees don’t have a full understanding of their company’s strategy. Now more than ever, employees are looking to executives for answers.


It can be used company-wide

When leadership adopts video, its use often cascades down fairly quickly, and before long other departments are taking note and using live webcasts for their inter-departmental communication. It’s fairly common to see departments like IT, HR, and marketing rapidly embrace video communication to connect and engage their teams and deliver important content to the rest of their organization. This ultimately creates a shared online community and culture.


It’s scalable

Video is also uniquely scalable. When an enterprise video solution is launched within your organization, you can easily launch live company-wide broadcasts for audiences in the tens of thousands without any compromise to your company’s network. A dedicated enterprise video solution is specifically designed to host large scale video meetings without any network overload.

As remote work is set to increase, how organizations communicate during this time may be pivotal to the success of your workplace. An enterprise video solution gives communications professionals the best way to engage, connect, and inform disparate employees.

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