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Why Interactive CEO Webcasts are Most Effective for Internal Communications

In a study conducted by Dynamic Signal and Mindshare it was revealed that an estimated 74% of employees say they feel they’re missing out on information and news.

This is somewhat surprising when you consider all the many opportunities there are to communicate in today’s world: email, intranets, and internal messaging platforms to name a few. The limitation of these tools however is that they don’t provide the same level of interactivity that video can deliver, particularly when it’s being delivered by senior management.

Here are five examples of how your employees will best benefit from a CEO webcast:

Mergers and acquisitions

An estimated 83% of all mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver expected results.This is often due to the weak integration of the two companies, which is as a result of shoddy communication between both organizations. No matter what size your organization is your employees deserve frequent communication during times of conflict and uncertainty. Even if some details cannot be shared, there is still likely a lot of information that can be revealed. It is therefore beneficial to engage employees throughout these times with a series of short videos so they feel included in the process.


Gossip and rumors can quickly turn a workplace into a high school type atmosphere. While the intent to withhold certain information may be to protect employees, it can also have negative consequences. This is because most employees usually can tell when they have been lied to. If you feel as though misinformation is circulating in your workplace, consider using a CEO webcast to reach out and communicate directly with them. Share what you can, and ask for feedback directly. The more upfront and open you are, the better chance your employees will trust you.

Organizational change

It’s easy for companies undergoing significant change to lose sight of one of the most important components–their people. Executives are too often buried under details of change events that they often do not even notice that they failed to communicate an important message. Change will always create uncertainty, so involve people in the process at every opportunity and communicate directly with them often. Use a CEO webcast to tell them what change is occurring, and what role they may play.

Town hall meetings

Video helps CEOs communicate with audiences of unlimited sizes. This is especially powerful when conducting town hall meetings where employees can interact live with their leadership. With today’s globalized workforce, it is no longer necessary to incur costs related to conference bridges, travel, and accommodations. Video offers organizations a rich media video webcasting platform for live streaming meetings to the entire workforce.

Establishing rapport

Finally, it’s important for executives to use video to establish healthy rapport with employees on a regular basis. Communicating with employees shouldn’t be restricted to annual meetings; use it to meet face to face with smaller teams and groups. It’s also a useful platform for more personal discussions. Take for example, a scenario where there are employees resisting corporate change. You could effectively use video to help understand their concerns and fear.

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