New Report from Wainhouse Research Details: “MediaPlatform’s Fresh Take on Webcast Content Creation and Analytics” - MediaPlatform
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New Report from Wainhouse Research Details: “MediaPlatform’s Fresh Take on Webcast Content Creation and Analytics”

Last week, Wainhouse Research analyst Steve Vonder Haar published a comprehensive review of features in our next generation platform and a detailed analysis of how it solidifies MediaPlatform’s market position.  Vonder Haar’s product analysis focuses on MediaPlatform’s new live webcasting solution, Broadcaster, which “gives event administrators considerable flexibility in designing the look-and-feel of a webcast,” and Event Success Dashboard, “a fresh approach that event administrators can put to work to gather more real-time information on how viewers are reacting to the content being presented to them during a webcast.”

Highlights include:


“The HTML5 platform enables event administrators to change – in real-time – the content elements incorporated into a presentation as well as their positioning on-screen. This offers far greater flexibility in assembling presentations than is possible with the static presentation templates and fixed content elements of events developed with MediaPlatform’s Webcaster – and many other webcasting solutions.”

Event Success Dashboard   

“In the media player used to present Broadcaster content, users can be given the option to click on one of a pre-determined set of [sentiment] buttons …viewers can click on any of the buttons anytime they are watching a video with the feedback transmitted immediately back to the administrative console used to manage an event.

“The Event Success Dashboard ties into VBI network performance data to give administrators the ability to track the quality of a video signal alongside the sentiment statistics described above. The packaging of viewer analytics in this manner provides a tool to determine whether user sentiment towards a presentation may be impacted by the quality of the video signal, providing a fuller picture of the issues that may be contributing to overall viewer sentiment.”

MediaPlatform Market Position

“The June 2019 introduction of the Broadcaster content creation tool is an acknowledgment of MediaPlatform’s market position…those who care about delivering enhanced production values in their in-house webcasts are the prime target market for the MediaPlatform solution.”

“MediaPlatform’s introduction of Broadcaster – and its associated sentiment analytics for live webcast events – represents a significant milestone for the company. By offering a differentiated solution for content creation, MediaPlatform gives itself a strong chance for ongoing relevance…”

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