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Virtual Events and Live Video: MediaPlatform Customer Use Cases

By Darian Germain

While that term may conjure visions of rudimentary 3D renderings and animations, our customers recognize that today’s virtual event is an entirely different thing. Next-gen virtual events take advantage of everything the online experience has to offer –such as imaginative settings, global attendance, and myriad ways to interact in large auditoriums, small break-out groups, and one-on-one sessions – to create environments where like-minded professionals can learn, shop, and engage in new and highly effective ways.

One of our Fortune 20 customers is using Broadcaster seamlessly in conjunction with a leading virtual event platform to broadcast highly produced keynote speaker content into virtual auditoriums and pavilions within a broader virtual conference environment. This high-quality content, delivered in a sales-oriented virtual conference environment, is already yielding astonishing results: a six-fold increase in ROI compared to their previous in-person trade show program.

Another customer, a creative agency, is helping Global 2000 companies re-cast in-person events as interactive video experiences using MediaPlatform as its live webcasting technology platform. When the pandemic forced the cancellation of in-person meetings, the agency turned to MediaPlatform to remotely produce live, multi-site virtual events with streaming and recorded videos, films, to bring together remote speaker panels, Q&A, polling and more to engage online audiences.

MediaPlatform’s recently announced integrations with virtual event platforms enable both the Fortune 50 company and agency service provider to deliver a seamless experience for viewers, allowing them to access both the virtual event and MediaPlatform live broadcast through a single registration process.

Where once companies may have turned to virtual events as a stopgap measure until in-person trade shows return, we’re seeing innovative companies take the best in live video and virtual event technologies to achieve meaningful success. Our customers are showing us that the future of trade shows, user group meetings and other large events will very likely be hybrid, combining the best of one-time, in-person meetings with the pervasive and ubiquitous advantages online experiences afford.

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