MediaPlatform's Broadcaster Offers AI-Driven Closed Captioning
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MediaPlatform Offers Enhanced Automated, AI-Driven Closed Captioning with Broadcaster Webcasts

MediaPlatform is pleased to provide the latest version of Ai-Media’s flagship live automatic captioning solution, LEXI 3.0, with AI-driven enhancements and features that significantly improve accuracy – reducing errors by 35% from previous versions – to deliver results that rival human captions at a fraction of the cost.

The new captioning capabilities include speaker identification and AI-powered caption placement to avoid on-screen interference. Ai Media reports an increase in average quality results from 98.2% to 98.7% NER (Number, Edition error, and Recognition error) with this release. The new version also synchronizes captions by delaying video/audio to align with the natural delay of captions.

“We’re pleased to offer the new LEXI 3.0 for automated live captioning with our MediaPlatform Broadcaster platform,” said Shaun Brown, MediaPlatform GM Broadcast Services. “This new version delivers an even higher level of caption accuracy by leveraging AI to learn and adapt dictionaries of terms, acronyms and topics relevant to our customer’s industries,” Brown said.

By Nicole Olsen

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