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MediaPlatform® Empowers Virtual Event Producers with Intuitive, Sophisticated Live Video Production Capabilities

New MediaPlatform Broadcaster® Features Allow Marketing and Event Teams to Deliver Highly Engaging, Professional Quality Results


LOS ANGELES, CA — August 17, 2021 – In response to growing customer demand for virtual events, MediaPlatform has added video production capabilities to its flagship Broadcaster live streaming platform that allow marketing teams at its Fortune 500 customers to create custom-branded and dynamic live video broadcasts for celebrity and keynote speakers that are often the registration draw for their virtual event programs.

“A year ago, our customers asked us to help them meet sudden demand from their marketing teams for online video to replace canceled or postponed trade shows, user groups, partner programs, and product launches,” said Mike Newman, CEO of MediaPlatform.

“We responded by investing in deep integrations with best-of-breed virtual event providers that enable organizations to fully leverage our secure, scalable professional video production capabilities within highly engaging virtual event environments,” Newman said.

Over the last twelve months, MediaPlatform has added the following workflow and integration capabilities to Broadcaster to help its customers deliver premium and engaging virtual events:

Dynamic and Engaging Live Video Experiences:

  • Unlimited Template Design: Marketing event producers without Audio-Visual production expertise can infuse their brand attributes and corporate culture into live webcasts using Broadcaster’s rich media canvas to drop in, resize and reorder a wide range of webcast components – including images, text overlays, interactive features (polling, Q&A, surveys, and sentiment voting widgets), and
    third-party websites or applications (social, chat, etc.) – to create a series of webcast event templates. Producers can switch between layouts created in advance or create new layouts on-the-fly during webcasts. This unique ability to easily create and change layouts, like scene changes in a play, creates a dynamic and surprising experience to engage viewers fatigued by 12+ months of static video meetings.

Video Production Teams:

In the Broadcaster Control Room, the “Backstage” section gives event producers exceptional flexibility to staff, monitor and control live webcasts via a host of new features including:

  • Instead of rigid “roles,” Broadcaster producers can give team members (inside or outside the company) control over a specific webcast component – such as video, slides, Q&A, iframes, surveys, or polling. Event producers can change, or add, component producers during live webcasts.
  • Video Preview: Event producers receive a low-latency video stream so they can observe viewer video quality without delay.

Video Editing:

  • Video cropping – Broadcaster users can easily crop heads and tails for webcast archives.
  • Event cloning – Users can duplicate entire events – from encoder and distribution settings to themes and layouts, to optimize favorite events and streamline the time required to set up future webcast events.
  • Hide Components in Archives – Event producers can choose to hide or expose live event components such as Q&A or polls. The producer-centric capabilities in MediaPlatform Broadcaster complement MediaPlatform’s intelligent delivery capabilities which have also been in-demand since employees transitioned to hybrid in-office and remote work arrangements that have increased network traffic and the number of employees accessing corporate resources from mobile devices and home networks. MediaPlatform’s Smartpath® overlay network uses a rule-based IP address analysis to assign a compatible stream across a variety of end point distribution technologies – from VPNs, LANs Wi-Fi, and eCDNs behind-the-firewall, to external peering providers and CDNs – and across desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

In addition to MediaPlatform Broadcaster and MediaPlatform Smartpath, MediaPlatform’s enterprise video platform includes the MediaPlatform® On Demand video content management portal, MediaPlatform Edge eCDN, and MediaPlatform’s real-time analytics suite including the Event Success Dashboard quality of experience and Video Business Intelligence quality of service offerings.

MediaPlatform’s innovation continues to be recognized by top industry analysts. The company was named a Leader in the 2021 Aragon Research Globe and a Leader by Gartner Research in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM). MediaPlatform also has been named a key provider in several recent reports including the Forrester Tech Tide, the Gartner EVCM Market Guide, and Wainhouse Research’s Enterprise Streaming Solutions and Services Report.

About MediaPlatform

MediaPlatform is a leading enterprise video platform enabling large-scale live streaming and on-demand video that companies use to engage remote employees, empower and motivate workers by giving them the power to rapidly self-educate and share knowledge, and attract and keep top talent. MediaPlatform gives customers an end-to-end solution and world-class services so they can use their networks for business broadcasts, consolidate disconnected video systems, accelerate their digital workplace transition, and gain insights into the reach and impact of their video communications.

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