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How to Keep Your Cool While Delivering Video Content

Does the thought of recording yourself on video make you nervous? Do your palms get sweaty? Does the sound of your voice make you cringe?

Most of us feel some level of apprehension when delivering video content—especially when it is live and we have only one shot at it. But with video on the rise, it’s time to put those nerves to the side, and buckle down because tips and tricks you can do to help keep your cool while delivering video content.

Invest in a good platform

If you have yet to invest in an enterprise video platform, now is the time. Capturing videos has never been easier than now what with us all carrying smartphones, but without a dedicated video platform you will miss out on important tools like audience analytics, playback features, and streaming quality. The data you receive from these elements will take your videos from mediocre to Oscar-worthy.

Create a casual script

Your video content should be professional, but that doesn’t mean it should be stiff. Many of us are guilty of trying too hard to come across as knowledgeable and informed so we end up inserting clever words we wouldn’t normally use in regular conversations. Aim to be as conversational as possible, and envision you are talking to a close friend. Now use that conversational tone and create a brief script. Unless you are the resident expert AND you’ve taken improv classes, having a prepared script will help you to stay on topic while delivering your video content.

Know what you are talking about

If someone asked you to talk about your life and hobbies, you probably wouldn’t struggle too much, right? That’s because those are topics you know and understand hopefully better than anyone else does. It goes without saying that we will always be more comfortable speaking on a topic we are familiar with. If you find yourself already committed to delivering video content on something you feel uncomfortable or perhaps unfamiliar with, do your research and get familiar with your topic. Also, if you find yourself having to create content based on an unfamiliar topic be transparent and let the audience know it isn’t your area of expertise.  Your honesty will go a long way in establishing trust with your audience.

Don’t skip the rehearsal

Whether this is your first video or not, the importance of a run through cannot be stressed enough. Otherwise this might be your last video! Consider practicing in front of a few colleagues, or even your family— they may be the most unbiased in their feedback!  You might also want to do a trial run and record yourself giving your presentation so that you can watch it before delivering your final presentation. You might notice some things like nervous tics that you don’t want to repeat when you do go live with delivering video content.

Take advantage of editing features

Modern enterprise video technology carries all the features and functionality you need to edit your videos. This goes a long way in alleviating stress because any major blunders can be easily edited out, assuming that you are planning on adding your recordings to your in-house content library.  You can also add in an intro in later on as well as a few other additions. You may also find that another colleague may be better at editing your videos.

Consider your appearance

You need to look your best while delivering video content, but that doesn’t mean going overboard on the highlight and contour stick. Instead, consider wearing simple colors (aim for brightening jewel tones, not pastels), no patterns, and no distracting jewelry.

Let your real self shine

Have you ever wondered what makes famous YouTubers so popular? They all seem to do a great job at staying authentic and real to the audience. They aren’t shy, and aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind in a colloquial way. While you might find it cheesy and immature that popular YouTube videos begin with “Hey everyone”, the reality is that the audience feels connected to the presenter in a casual way. So don’t be afraid to let your real self shine through. If you are humorous by nature, let that side be visible while delivering video content. Don’t strive for perfection. Strive to be you.

Get going

If you still have some pre-video anxiety, it’s time to get going. Commit yourself to making a video as soon as you can. The more time you spend procrastinating the more likely your video won’t ever get completed. So get going, get creating, and start celebrating. Because nothing is more rewarding as fantastic video content.

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