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Live Streaming as a Strategic Communication Tool

If a business crisis were to unfold, are you prepared? Do you have a plan to communicate with every single employee regardless of their geographical location?

Many organizations are struggling to understand and appreciate the benefits of effective communication, without which a company can neither be successful nor be prepared for growth.

More and more companies are turning to video to assist them in delivering important corporate communication. Here are some benefits:

It saves time and money

Using an enterprise video platform to live stream communication helps reduce the costs typically associated with communication events. With a live stream video, there are no costly rooms to book, flights to reserve, or hotel rooms to worry about.

It helps with crisis communications

Having a platform to communicate immediately is great for crisis or urgent communications. Live streaming video helps senior leaders and communication professionals more effectively convey important information as soon as they can. This helps avoid rumors and misinformation from circulating. It also conveys a level of transparency–especially important in mergers and acquisition, where employees often feel out of the loop.

It connects remote employees

The remote workforce is growing at an exponential pace. Without the right tools and technology, how can you be sure that these employees stay ‘in the know’? The ability to live stream to anywhere in the world helps unite remote and travelling employees, while educating and informing them on hot news and topics.

It’s live

Have you ever noticed how your attention is peaked when a local news broadcast announces a live late breaking story? This is because as viewers, we recognize the value of communication in the moment. The same principle holds true in the workplace. When you stream live workplace information, employees recognize the importance and significance of this communication. Live streaming is much more dynamic than an email message, or employee newsletter.

It increases corporate alignment

Despite all the tools designed engage and connect staff, many employees are still struggling to bridge the gap between corporate strategy and day-to-day work. By live streaming important messages, communicators can help employees understand and connect to the company strategy. This will help employees understand strategic goals, and how their work connects to them, their department, and their team.

It instills confidence in leadership

Video provides a level of intimacy unachievable in many other forms of communication. Yes, your CEO can send out an email, but these often go unread as employees have little faith that the message truly comes from the CEO rather than a spokesperson or designated employee. Video is much different. Employees can actually watch the CEO speaking live, and observe eye and facial responses. This makes live streaming a more reliable, effective, and transparent method of communication.

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