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Live Stream Video While Protecting the Corporate Network

If you are considering deploying an enterprise video platform, you likely have some security concerns. And with good reason too. Imagine how damaging it could be if confidential company information was accidentally accessed by the wrong person.

Not too long ago many organizations feared video. From employees disrupting internal networks with large files, to viruses emerging from unsafe attachments, it was no surprise that many organizations chose to ban video all together.

Thankfully video is a lot more robust and secure than it was back then. Organizations seeking an enterprise video solution now have a variety of ways of ensuring the security of their content and their corporate network.

Deployment Options

Deployment flexibility is important, which is why at MediaPlatform we offer three different deployment options:  On Premise, your Cloud, or our Cloud.  We know that in certain types of organizations (government, medical or financial, to name a few) there are different and perhaps more stringent security requirements needed; therefore delivering those clients an on premise option was the only way to go.  But other organizations, with more flexible security requirements have the ability to choose whether they take advantage of MediaPlatform via our cloud or via their own.

SaaS and Hybrid SaaS

SaaS and Hybrid SaaS are popular due to their ability to reduce load on the wide area network.

Our Hybrid SaaS model carries all the benefit of our traditional SaaS solution in that it  allows organizations to leverage solutions for delivering video across internal networks and multiple network locations, as well as to mobile and external viewers.  The Hybrid model however allows organizations to move their system in-house to deliver a more secure model when needed.  When our customers choose a hybrid model, they benefit from a live streaming solution called Multicast Fusion, which combines IP Multicast, Peer Assist Multicast, and Unicast from Cloud based CDN’s into a powerful distribution architecture.

Finally, a cloud based CDN can be used to reach global remote viewers, and those accessing content on a mobile device. Therefore, secure live streams can be initiated from any location to viewers around the globe.

Cloud Deployment

At MediaPlatform  we offer various types of cloud deployment options, integration with single sign on protocols, secure and encrypted video streaming, as well as support for split tunnel VPN architecture.

In a single tenant system, users are provided with their instance of the software. Single tenant users benefit from configurability, and robust security. It’s a good solution for organizations that have strict security requirements, or require specific customization and configurability. Single tenant is useful for organizations that have to satisfy industry and government security regulations.


To ensure optimal security, you will want to properly set up the right permissions. This ensures that the right employee has access to the right content. As mentioned before, content in the wrongs hands can have many negative effects. The best way to set up employee permissions is to automate it, rather than delegating access levels per employee. Tools such as SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) authenticate all users accessing secure content. Permissions can be assigned by department, title, or even by location.

The power of a dedicated solution

There are a plethora of solutions that now deliver video technology as an element of their suite, which is why it might be tempting to choose a simpler, more basic solution. However, technology that is not specifically intended for enterprise video won’t necessarily allow you the ability to restrict and manage content access. Or, if it did allow you to restrict certain users, those settings likely wouldn’t carry over if they access content on another device. A dedicated enterprise video platform is the only way to ensure complete security of your content and network.

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