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More Video Use Cases in the Workplace

In the last post, we discussed the growth of enterprise video within the workplace, and how the evolution of video technology has made it easier for all of your departments, regardless of their size, to leverage video. Today’s video platforms scale with you as your business grows, opening up opportunities for substantially more use cases.

As you begin to consider new and innovative ways to leverage video benefits in your enterprise in 2019, here are a few additional ways video can be used in the workplace:

Video employee directory

If you have been in the workplace for more than 20 years, you likely recall what employee directories once looked liked. It was often nothing more than a line item on a piece of paper with a name and a phone number. There was no picture, and there definitely was no biography. Intranet software slowly changed this by providing a visual representation of what an organization’s employees once looked like. Now it’s time to take things even further with the help of video. By creating short vibrant videos where employees introduce themselves and the role they play in the company, you can quickly and easily bring your employee directory to life. This is especially useful to new hires, or anyone looking to determine specific expertise within the organization.

Crisis communication videos

When a crisis occurs it is imperative that the correct information from the right individual gets disseminated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, too many organizations are still relying on email as a primary communication tool during a crisis. The limitations of email include no awareness over who has read what, and little to no opportunity for feedback and questions. By using video, organizations can send personalized messages to employees, customers, or shareholders to immediately address a crisis and to help dispel rumors to regain confidence. Video is also ideal for live streaming messages from the CEO and other leadership who need to inform their audience of important information and news. And because today’s video solutions carry interactive feature sets, speakers can launch polls or respond to questions from the audience in real-time. Educating employees with the correct information from leadership also goes a long way in helping to reduce rumors and misinformation.

Case study videos

One of the advantages of video is the speed with which it can convey a concept or product knowledge. This is of growing importance in an era where most of us expect things instantaneously. With so many competing messages, most of us simply aren’t interested in reading long and complex documentation anymore. Video case studies help visually showcase real-life examples of how a product or service can help solve real customer challenges. But it isn’t just the customer that benefits from a video case study–these resources becomes excellent training resources for sales and marketing teams,  or any other department requiring product knowledge and awareness.

Community relations videos

Community relations is an important core business unit for many organizations. It helps businesses attract and retain talent, and also helps position a company positively among customers and other stakeholders. By creating visually engaging video messaging organizations can inform communities of how they may be impacted by business activities. Video is also a great solution for responding to public concerns, generating public attention, and maintaining overall community involvement. A solid strategy focused on community could go a long way in promoting healthy and sustainable business-community relations without involving additional costs and resources.

HR compliance

When most of us think about workplace training, we think about the actual training and tasks required to do our job. We often forget that some of the most important workplace training is learning and satisfying important compliance regulations. Video is an excellent medium for educating employees on health and safety training, diversity training, and harassment prevention. By incorporating these videos within an employees onboarding, HR departments can easily monitor who has completed which training. They can also issue certificates based on completed video training modules. For organizations that must satisfy specific industry regulations, video is an ideal medium.

Change communication

If you have ever endured a merger and/or acquisition you likely know the chaos that can quickly unfold when two companies attempt to unite. From confusion over roles and responsibilities, to disagreements over which departments create redundancy, it’s easy to see how easily these change events can become mismanaged. Video is one of the greatest mediums for communication during important change events. It allows leadership to quickly communicate important news and announcements while providing the audience an opportunity to get involved in the discussion and voice any concerns they may have. Considering over 70% of merger and acquisitions fail, why wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to ensure success?

Hopefully this has helped open your eyes to the many ways to leverage video benefits within an organization. How will you be using video in your workplace next year?

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