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How to Disrupt Corporate Communications with Video

In our personal lives, communication has exploded in the last decade. With platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, we can now instantaneously stay connected to anyone at anytime. However things haven’t moved quite as quickly in the corporate world.

So how should corporate communication professionals reinvent themselves in today’s hyper-connected world?

While there are plenty of new and emerging ways to communicate in the workplace, only video carries the features and functionality to truly disrupt corporate communications.  Here are seven ways that video can play a role in your corporate communication:

Transform learning

How are your employees learning within the workplace? Is there a standard onboarding program? And what is your plan for ensuring high knowledge share within your organization? A video platform enables organizations to truly elevate their organizational learning. With integrations to LMS and sophisticated analytics, companies can transform their organization into a culture of higher learning.

Disrupt town hall meetings

We’ve all heard the same cliche about how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. If you are currently running company wide meetings the same way they were run 10 years ago, you need to stop and rethink your strategy. Video allows for you to be disruptive — to communicate with everyone, no matter whether they’re based at company HQ, or from a remote location on the other side of the globe. A solid video platform will not only give your executive speakers a voice, but also will give all of your employees a chance to have their voices heard as well through tools like built in chat and Q&A.

Align corporate communication

Does every employee have access to the latest news and events within the company? With the speed with which communication now travels, it is now imperative that employees are aligned as quickly as possible on mission-critical communication concerns. Video provides organizations with a platform to quickly disseminate important information so employees get the correct information.

Reduce complexity

It’s important that employees understand exactly where to go to access the latest company news and updates. By hosting this information on a centralized and easily accessible video portal, you can ensure your employees remain in the know. Plus, with a robust video platform, you will also have analytics to detail valuable insights such as content popularity.

Cut costs

Small changes don’t lead to disruption; large ones do. By investing in an enterprise video solution, organizations can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Seem too good to be true? Consider the escalating costs of annual meetings, and the associated expenses. You fly in a few speakers, arrange for hotel and food costs and before you know it you’ve exceeded your budget.

Become completely transparent

It’s never too late to adopt a transparent communication model. Video makes it easy for employees to see the face of leadership and receive important news and events. This is especially important in a crisis where employees deserve quick and factual updates to avoid misinformation from circulating.

Enhance executive communication

Most executives have a lot on their mind when it comes to communication in the workplace. They (hopefully) recognize that without effective communication, collaboration fails, silos form, and employees fail to correlate their daily tasks to the bigger picture. They also know that strong communication is directly correlated to increased innovation, enhanced customer service, improved productivity, and any other edge that will give them greater profitability and a sustainable advantage against their competition. This edge lies in disruptive corporate communication technology like a video platform.

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