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Gartner *Maverick Research Shows Impact of Video in the Workplace

Gartner *Maverick Research Shows Impact of Video in the Workplace

Gartner analyst Adam Preset just published a “Maverick Report,” an exciting new research format that delivers macro-level insights on how video-based information in the workplace already is having a seismic impact on our world.

Called “Video Intelligence Will Save the World, Your Life and Your Job,” Preset posits that our experience with video as consumers is a fraction of the impact video will have in the workplace.  His prediction: companies that don’t devise a video-centric communications strategy will be at a competitive disadvantage if they are unable to take advantage of the video-savvy talents of a younger talent pool. 

This research is exciting on several levels: 

  1. It examines organizations that have already embraced video as their primary content type and gets to the next step of analyzing the impact of video applications on outcomes, from workforce productivity and engagement to the communities and industries those firms serve;
  2. It charts a vision for how AI and other video intelligence is being exploited to derive deeper understanding of video-based information, enabling companies to glean greater insights from previously “dark data,” including audio transcripts, facial recognition, scene detection, viewing trends and much more;
  3. It rises above the weeds so rather than focusing on ‘how to’ do video in the workplace, it shows how leaders are applying video to digitally transform a wide range of applications.

We were especially pleased to see Accenture listed as one of the companies Preset used as a resource.  Accenture has aggressively implemented a video-based communications culture to engage and connect employees in 22 locations worldwide.  Accenture serves millions of video hours and produces more than 300 videos each month. “Lights, Camera, Accenture” is a page on the company’s site describing the scope and scale of their video initiatives, including this short video from their CIO.

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