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Content Delivery Challenges in a New Era

As Flash falls out of fashion and viewers are demanding better video viewing experiences than ever before, content delivery networks (CDNs) have to stay one step ahead. That means a move to HTML5 delivery, and emphasis on live video, and a commitment to lower latency than ever before on any device—to serve the growing interactive live webcasting use cases where every second counts. In conjunction with Streaming Media and Ramp, this webinar will bring you up to date on the cutting edge of content delivery strategy, with a focus on the following topics:

  • Why enterprise streaming professionals need to develop a strategy for transitioning away from Flash
  • From Flash-free to plugin-free: live encoding and playback on any device
  • Interactive live streaming: Live video and audio has turned away from broadcast towards two-way or multi-directional communication
  • Why an agnostic content delivery strategy is a must for live streaming inside the enterprise
  • Scalable distribution of ultra-low-latency live streams worldwide
  • The importance of utilizing solutions that can analyze the quality of the live streaming viewing experience

 Register now at the link on Streaming Media’s site here.

Content Delivery Challenges in a New Era

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