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How to Improve Video Streaming with a QoS and QoE Dashboard

Organizations around the world are rapidly relying on streaming video to enhance their corporate communications. But ensuring a solid user experience hasn’t always been simple. And even if it was achieved, it hasn’t always been easy to prove it. Until now.

With a QoS and QoE dashboard, organizations leveraging video can ensure live streaming success within the enterprise.  Rather than wondering if a live stream is running efficiently, users now have real-time analytics to know for sure the quality of an individual’s user experience. If problems are detected, the robust visualization offered by a QoS and QoE dashboard allows you to quickly pinpoint the cause.

Here are a few scenarios where organizations can really benefit from the data provided through a QoS and QoE analytics dashboard:

Town Hall Meetings

Town hall meetings, also known as all hands meetings, are a growing trend in corporate communications. Long gone are the days where organizations wasted thousands of dollars and countless resources bringing in staff from around the world only to squeeze them all into an overcrowded room, where their voices weren’t heard.

Video facilitates town halls tremendously because employees can tune in from wherever they are. While video town hall attendees have the opportunity to easily participate by asking questions and responding to polls, now, thanks to analytics, video town hall administrators can delve even further into audience insight and detect things like buffering fail overs, and play success.

This level of intelligence also helps optimize the quality of the streaming experience for live audiences, while also collecting quality of service data to help ensure the success of future events.They can also easily determine which locations may have had buffering challenges.

Employee Training

Organizations everywhere are ramping up their training programs by incorporating interactive video. By leveraging an analytics dashboard, training professionals and their IT departments can easily monitor user quality of experience for their learning programs. Having these real-time analytics allow organizations to maximize their ROI on human capital management investment.

Having user experience data is especially useful to employees who may be attending training sessions from remote locations or while they are in the field.

Marketing Events

Externally, organizations have long been relying on video to ensure effective engagement with customers and prospects. With a robust analytics platform, your marketing team can have the freedom to deliver the immersive online experiences, without the fear of the video event failing. With Video Business Intelligence, marketing can partner with IT by leveraging video to boost your bottom line.

Of course many organizations are also turning to their marketing departments to help communicate messages internally as well. More than just for training, marketing departments can use video to help communicate internal messaging around upcoming events, product release dates and what features might be included in those new releases, or perhaps as a welcome video to new employees. The information provided by your analytics platform can ensure that you know whether your internal groups have successfully absorbed all of the information that you have to share.

In business, the term big data is used a lot. But big data is only valuable if we are doing productive things and learning from it. Ultimately we need to be using big data to benefit the bottom line. By relying on video business intelligence, organizations now have valuable insight to their video investment, both from an internal and an external point of view. Video business intelligence data delivered via QoS and QoE dashboards will help to ensure that organizations preemptively identify trouble points in video delivery, and remedy them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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