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9 Tips for Creating Internal Corporate Video

Those YouTubers make it look so easy don’t they? They upload a short video, and within minutes they have hundreds of views and comments.

Of course, that success didn’t happen overnight. No matter how natural it looked, chances are it was well planned.

Just like a famous YouTuber, if you want your video content to be successful, you need to be strategic in your approach. Here are 9 tips for creating internal corporate video:

Keep it brief

The majority of all videos published in the last year were less than two minutes long. Any longer and you risk losing your audience’s attention. Any shorter and it may not have enough substance to sustain your viewers. Of course you may find that your audience or industry has a particular preference for content length–and that’s OK.

Make it a series

Consider transforming your content into a series of short videos. For example, if you oversee product training at your organization, you could create a short series of training sessions. Remember to include links to previous videos within the description.

Get leadership involved

If you are having challenges capturing the attention of your audience it may be time to involve your executive leadership in your videos. For example, you could have a one on one sit down with your CEO where they address questions submitted by other employees.

Make it accessible

How easy is your content to access? Is it mobile? Have the correct permissions been set up to enable the right people access to the right content? It goes without saying that the more opportunities your audience has to access content, the more chance your videos will get the view counts they deserve.

Incorporate humor

Whether we’re conversing with our friends and family, sitting down to watch Jimmy Fallon, or reading the latest news on The Onion, humor is everywhere. Even if your workplace conveys a more serious tone, chances are your employees still want a good laugh. Use humor where you can in your video content.

Make it interactive

The features and functionality of enterprise video platforms have come a long way in the last ten years. Your audience can now play an interactive role in the the content you create. For example, you could launch a poll in your video. You could also include video within video.

Allow commenting

As workplaces become increasingly more transparent, employees require ample opportunities to voice their opinions are concerns. By enabling comments on your videos your employees will have the chance to express their feelings and thoughts on the related topic.

Promote it

Having share buttons visible makes it easy for your viewers to promote and share your content. It’s also a good idea to internally promote your video in as many places as possible, including your intranet.

Pick an engaging topic

Similar to a blog strategy, you must strive to make your video content as engaging as possible. For example, a video titled “Executive CEO Interview” won’t have near the impact as would a video titled “Five things you wouldn’t expect our CEO to talk about.” Just make sure your content actually delivers what the title says, otherwise it may be considered clickbait.

Add a call to action

Lastly, what do you want your employees to gain from your internal corporate video? Is it knowledge of a recent corporate change? Is it instructions on how to sell the latest product or service? Regardless of what the content is, make sure you include a strong call to action at the conclusion of the video.

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