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6 Expert Tips to Stop your Next Town Hall from Failing

For many modern enterprises, the CEO Town Hall is one of the most important events in a company’s internal communications strategy. With so much riding on the town hall, as well as the importance of internal optics, it’s necessary to take measures to ensure the whole experience is just right from end to end.

However, the perfect presentation doesn’t have to be a source of stress. With these 6 tips (and a little help from technology), you can keep your next CEO town hall from failing.

  1. Make it accessible through webcastingYou have many text-based options to distribute your presentations to employees. However, those approaches lose the human touch, and strip your town hall of impact and engagement. To make it most accessible to the widest audience, even if your employees are all across the country, (or even the world), incorporate video webcasting.
  2. Avoid any integrations that are difficult to set up. With a utility like MediaPlatform, formerly complicated setups requiring a specialized team are a thing of the past. An efficient and modern webcasting portal for your next town hall can be set up with just one to two people.

  3. Don’t forget interactivity. Want your employees to remember the information you’re trying to communicate? Incorporate engagement tools such as polls or surveys. Through MediaPlatform, you can even engage a running live chat during the town hall, allowing you to have real time interaction with your audience.

  4. Don’t forget to archive the presentation. Let your words speak for themselves, by archiving your presentation for access after the town hall.

  5. Test your connections. To ensure your presentation runs smoothly and results in a vivid experience for all, take into consideration your internet bandwidth, and test your connections. A shaky town hall is a bad town hall, so prevent glitches and lags by troubleshooting before going live.

  6. Practice ahead of time. Whether you plan on pre-recording your town hall, or delivering a live webcast, practice makes perfect! Prepare your remarks, keep last minute edits to a minimum, and certainly rehearse your delivery. 

Follow up. The discussion doesn’t end when your town hall does. Keep in mind any avenues for action or pressing questions posed by your employees. Follow up afterwards with any relevant updates or comments, (along with the archive to your presentation).

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