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Worktank is a digital marketing and online events firm and one of the world’s top producers of corporate webcasts for clients such as Microsoft, Acme Cloud Solutions, CalPERS and Tektronix.

The Challenge

Worktank designs and builds digital communications platforms and tools that enable meaningful and relevant conversations with a target audience to achieve measurable goals. Worktank’s core areas of expertise are webcasts and online events, video, and campaign websites, which they leverage in sales training and incentives, product launches, customer outreach, and internal communications.

Prior to leveraging MediaPlatform, Worktank relied on a standard web conferencing software package for its clients’ online events. However, when demand for webcasts and webinars where clients wanted to include pre-recorded or live video, the company was in need of a platform that could support these requirements.

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Worktank needed to have the pre-recorded or live video perfectly synched with slide transitions. In addition, they wanted to deliver the high-quality live video by leveraging a robust CDN, which would allow for massive scalability and would provide end users with the highest quality video and audio experience their bandwidth allowed.

Finally, Worktank had to manage security and real-time user data for sensitive information. Clients’ webcasts could be for compliance training, confidential company announcements, or lead-generation customer webcasts, and would have to be managed effectively.

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The Solution

Worktank selected MediaPlatform WebCaster to use in the transition from standard web conferencing to rich media webcasting. Worktank found WebCaster to have a flexible interface, allowing them to create stunning, custom branded webcast sites for their clients. In particular, they took advantage of the integration of social media tools, Q&A, surveys, polls, downloads, and other interactive features that help drive attendance and improve attention in webcasts.

Webcasting is a dramatic advance over traditional webinar tools that have fewer options for a highly branded experience. WebCaster also possess robust security and real-time user data for comprehensive reporting capabilities, something Worktank felt was superior to any other system the company has used previously.

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