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Video Portal for the Enterprise

MediaPlatform provides the industry’s most advanced corporate YouTube, helping organizations leverage streaming media to improve corporate communications, enhance training and enable collaboration. PrimeTime is the central location where employees and partners can view, capture, search, rate, and share video through an intuitive, channel-based online video portal that can be accessed via desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Corporate Communications Platform

Improve employee productivity, motivation and community through media collaboration and sharing tools available with PrimeTime. With more enterprises knowledge sharing and employee generated content of all kinds, the demand for tools that support this new bottom up approach is increasing. The PrimeTime enterprise video platform enables easy content creation with video upload from any device, webcam and smartphone capture, social features and more. Create your own branded enterprise video portal where on-demand video can viewed and live webcasts can be streamed and archived.

Screenshot of the training applications of a corporate YouTube portal

E-Learning Video Portal

Make the employee onboarding process more more effective with high impact and engaging videos. PrimeTime improves training and development programs by enhancing video-based learning with tools to create rich interactive sessions and deliver them as part of a complete e-learning video platform that serves as the single repository for all corporate training content. With interactive sessions, your organization can keep employees engaged throughout the entire training process and take advantage of the superior knowledge retention gained through video.

Screenshot of content discovery features of the enterprise YouTube

Searchable Repository for All Media Assets

PrimeTime is the leading enterprise video content management platform. With robust search capabilities, PrimeTime enables easy browsing across channels, media type and dialogue. Upload, link or embed files of any format or size, and with our integration for Cisco Webex, your organization can move media assets out of disconnected silos and into one easily accessible corporate media portal.

Technical Highlights of the Enterprise Video Platform

Stream to Everyone

Reach employees, partners or customers viewing on desktop, tablet or smartphone with high quality video.

No File Limits

Upload video files of any size or type to the portal.

Roles and Permissions Management

Control who can upload or create content. Ability to control visibility of channels and reports.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Superb video playback using ABR technologies and Tier 1 CDNs. Support for HDS and HLS for live.

Deployment Flexibility

MediaPlatform offers unparalleled deployment flexibility. You can choose our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, hybrid SaaS or on-premises hosting.

SmartEdge eCDN

MediaPlatform SmartEdge is an enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) focused on the acceleration and optimization of HTTPS video delivery across corporate networks.

LDAP and Active Directory

Single sign-on integration with internal and external authentication systems.

Lifecycle Management

Schedule asset lifecycle events for easy content management. Available options are: activate, deactivate, feature, unfeature and delete.

Content Approval

Configurable workflows to require approval from an Administrator before a video asset can be published.

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