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Data Visualization to Ensure Live Streaming Success

Video Business Intelligence (VBI) is the world’s first video Quality of Service (QoS) dashboard focused on offering prescriptive and predictive analytics for live streaming inside the enterprise. VBI collects the most relevant data for all MediaPlatform WebCaster events in real-time and provides deep analytics in an easy to use and customizable dashboard.

Benefits of Video Business Intelligence

Video Business Intelligence Benefits 1

Town Halls and All-Hands

Many of the world’s most successful organizations are increasing their use of live video for large-scale communications to provide executives with opportunities to connect and engage with the globally dispersed workforce on a consistent basis. Data visualization solutions tailored specifically for streaming video are a must to ensure successful CEO town halls, company All-Hands and other corporate live streaming initiatives.

Video Business Intelligence Benefits 2

Live Training

Organizations across all industries are powering e-learning with live, interactive video. With MediaPlatform VBI, Training and Development professionals can be confident their IT departments have the ability to easily monitor user quality of experience for their corporate learning programs. Valuable real-time analytics allow companies to maximize ROI on their Human Capital Management investments.

Video Business Intelligence Benefits 3

Marketing Events

Streaming live high-definition video is the most engaging method of online interaction with customers and prospects. MediaPlatform VBI gives marketing professionals the freedom to deliver the immersive online experiences they desire, without the fear of an event failing. With Video Business Intelligence, marketing can partner with IT and leverage video to boost an organization’s bottom line.

Key Video Business Intelligence Indicators

System and Network Play Success

VBI Play Success Composite

Startup Time

VBI Startup Time Composite

Buffers by Timeline and User

VBI Buffering Composite


VBI Failovers Composite

Technical Highlights of Video Business Intelligence

Deeper Level of Insight

MediaPlatform VBI provides a level of insight into the user experience for live video presentations that has never been seen in the live streaming industry.

Real-Time Data Collection

MediaPlatform has solved the challenge of processing the tremendous amount of data generated during a webcast to help organizations preemptively identify and remedy trouble points.

Detailed QoS Information

Drill down to see an individual’s user experience. If problems are detected with the stream, VBI’s robust visualization UI allows the live stream producer to quickly pinpoint the cause.

Integration with BI Platforms

Incorporate data from MediaPlatform VBI into your existing BI solution to allow your live streaming data to be accessed by users across all departments.

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