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Enterprise Live Video Streaming Platform

The WebCaster platform helps organizations enhance CEO town halls, training & development, corporate video communications and marketing with an enterprise webcasting solution. This video communications platform enables live streaming to desktop, tablet or smartphone with high definition live and on-demand video, PowerPoint slides, Q&A, chat and surveys. WebCaster connects the global workforce to improve employee performance, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Enterprise YouTube

PrimeTime is an enterprise video platform for managing your organizations media assets, functioning like a private corporate YouTube. With robust search capabilities and integrations for intranets and other social platforms, PrimeTime enables the creation of a secure portal to power video communications, training and collaboration.

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Screen Recording and Screencasting

MediaPlatform ScreenCaster is an easy-to-use application for creating high-definition screen recordings and live screen broadcasts. ScreenCaster helps enhance knowledge sharing, create more effective employee training and increase sales productivity with live and on-demand streaming video presentations that include webcam or pre-recorded video, integrated PowerPoint slides, polls, surveys, and Q&A functionality.

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Enterprise Content Delivery Network

MediaPlatform SmartEdge is a software-based enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) that is focused on the acceleration and optimization of HTTPS video delivery within the enterprise. SmartEdge provides network-friendly delivery of secure, high quality, live and on-demand streaming video and rich media webcasts to any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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Webcast Distribution Technology

MediaPlatform offers enterprises the unique ability to webcast to virtually any end user, regardless of location or content distribution technology. SmartPath enables a pervasive streaming of presentations across virtually any type of delivery scenario, by providing a framework to define the particular set of media distribution and failover rules that make sense for your organization.

MediaPlatform Integrations

SharePoint and Office 365
Cisco WebEx
Cisco Telepresence
Learning Management Systems
VCU Integration
3Play Media
Hive Streaming

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