MediaPlatform AI

MediaPlatform AI

At MediaPlatform, we believe that AI’s impact on video – creation, editing, indexing, searching, repurposing – offers exciting possibilities for making enterprise video communications more impactful, discoverable, accessible, and inclusive for diverse global audiences.

Our multi-phase vision for implementing AI throughout our platform workflows starts with concrete, practical applications our customers have requested. These include a wide range of AI-enabled closed captioning and language translation capabilities for both live and archived Broadcaster and Autocaster events. We’re also leveraging AI to provide added layers of extensibility, scalability, and redundancy intelligence to ensure optimal system performance

AI-powered Live Closed Captions

Broadcaster producers can now enable the generation of high-accuracy, live, automated closed captioning for their live events. Enabled with a few clicks, Broadcaster closed captioning provides high reliability closed captioning for accessibility and, post event, transcript retention and search. Broadcaster live closed captioning is initially available in five languages with additional language support and translation slated for this year.

Enhanced AI-powered Live Captioning Services

For organizations desiring the highest levels of accuracy without the cost of human transcribers, MediaPlatform offers AI-Media’s Smart Lexi service. Combining incredible accuracy at an affordable cost, MediaPlatform’s Smart Lexi service enables organizations to layer key names and phrases in human-curated dictionaries, adapted by machine learning in the company’s Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, to inject automated captioning with significantly higher levels of word and phonetic accuracy than standard ASR services into live video streams.

AI-powered Live Translation

MediaPlatform Broadcaster is tapping AWS Transcribe and AWS Translate services to provide live, automated multi-language closed captioning capabilities to enable Broadcaster producers to deliver truly international broadcast events. The live captioning capabilities will auto-detect the speaker’s language and offer a closed captioning menu to audiences so they can select from the speaker’s language as well as multiple other language options as chosen by the Broadcaster event producer.

AI-Powered Captions for Archived Events and for Autocaster Events

MediaPlatform extends the utility of all AI-generated closed captioning files by keeping those files as an integral part of the event archive. In this way, closed captioning files in any language can be used to provide extremely granular search results as well as for enhancing the archive event experience.

When coupled with MediaPlatform Autocaster, event producers will have even more possibilities for replaying events with previously generated multi-language caption files with the opportunity to add new language translations during each new event.

Enterprise Video Observability

As the platform that enterprises rely upon for mission critical communications, MediaPlatform is leveraging AI and machine learning to provide real-time visibility into the Broadcaster’s performance at any given moment. MediaPlatform uses machine learning for automated system performance monitoring and resource optimization tracking. MediaPlatform DevOps automated system alerts are used for rapid and consistent backend trouble shooting and problem resolution.