MediaPlatform offers unparalleled deployment flexibility. You can choose our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, or self-host the video platform behind your firewall, or in the cloud.

For more information on MediaPlatform deployment options and to learn more about the benefits of each, continue reading below.

MediaPlatform SaaS and Hybrid SaaS

MediaPlatform has spent years developing and deploying a world class, enterprise grade video platform for live and on-demand video streaming, webcasting, transcoding and video asset management in the cloud.

SaaS and Hybrid SaaS deployments for an enterprise video platform have become the preferred architecture for most enterprises today due to the many benefits for reducing load on the wide area network, reducing costs, and accelerating deployment.

MediaPlatform On-Premises

MediaPlatform understands that for some customers an on-premises deployment of an enterprise video platform is still the only viable option. MediaPlatform’s systems can be installed as virtual machines, and deployed on virtual servers. Each component of the MediaPlatform application is its own virtual machine.

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