MediaPlatform for Manufacturing

Improving Executive Messaging and Employee Development

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MediaPlatform provides an optimized video experience for its multinational manufacturing customers by delivering video for corporate communications and training, while functioning as an all-purpose video portal for marketing content.


Town Halls and All-Hands

Consistent executive messaging is vital for clear communication of the overall corporate vision in the diverse work environments found in the manufacturing industry. MediaPlatform powers interactive CEO town halls and All-Employee meetings, enabling delivery of engaging video webcasts that feature Q&A, chat and downloadable content that can be viewed live or on-demand by workers on any device. C-Suite communications live in an engaging channel-based online portal along with other corporate video content.

Training and Development

MediaPlatform e-learning capabilities help manufacturing organizations around the world deliver engaging safety and learning trainings, improve compliance and more. All video training content is organized in an accessible and searchable 508-compliant portal that is able to streamline all Training and HR processes. MediaPlatform provides access control, supports multiple languages and serves as the central repository for Webex sessions and corporate media created with any solution. Increase productivity, enhance skills and gain competitive advantage with a modern approach to training and development through video.

Corporate Communications

Crafting a communications strategy to reach employees at corporate headquarters, workers in production plants or sales teams in retail locations is a considerable challenge for corporate communicators in manufacturing. MediaPlatform provides a single solution for creation and delivery of live webcasts and on-demand video for the various unique audiences that make up the workforce in the manufacturing industry. Executives in sales, marketing and operations can reach their intended audiences with engaging and interactive video and maintain a repository of all content that can be accessed from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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