MediaPlatform for Financial Services

Improving Internal Communications and Investor Relations

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MediaPlatform works with some of the most successful companies in the financial services industry to enable live and on-demand video for corporate communications, and training.

Charles Schwab
IA Clarington
Northwestern Mutual

Investor Relations and Earnings Calls

Interactive presentations have become increasingly important to consumers of Investor Relations content. Live webcasts with high-quality video and interactive features provide shareholders and analysts with the physical cues that are normally available only at meetings, conferences and roadshows. With MediaPlatform, IR professionals can create a branded media content platform for streaming live events or managing on-demand content to share with investors or the public.

Company All-Hands

Live streaming and on-demand video have proven to be valuable tools for helping globally dispersed employees form a connection with the C-Suite. MediaPlatform has years of experience helping financial services organizations produce, broadly distribute and monitor large-scale, deeply interactive live and mock live webcasts to audiences of unlimited size viewing on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Training & Development

The ability to easily create and deliver consistent training and development content through a unified corporate platform is essential to the modern financial services organization. With MediaPlatform, consolidating and organizing training material from disparate silos is made easy. With a secure and searchable training portal that supports live webcasts and on-demand video, Training & Development professionals can manage compliance training and continuing education courses while enabling knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning with easy content creation and sharing tools.

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