MediaPlatform for the Energy Industry

Improving Communications and Training

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Energy companies rely on MediaPlatform to deliver video training content and internal communications to all employees and partners – at corporate locations, outside the office or on oil tankers.

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Learning & Training

With the need for continuous training and development programs unique to the energy industry, MediaPlatform provides a dedicated online learning environment where T&D professionals can create programs, track engagement in real-time and gain access to robust analytics to access the effectiveness of their efforts. Leverage webcasts that can support 10 or over 100,000 live, concurrent viewers and create on-demand video content to present learning in a way today’s employees expect to be taught. With MediaPlatform you can power employee development and accommodate the learning preferences of a multigenerational workforce. MediaPlatform integrates with video conferencing units, SharePoint, Jive, Webex and more for flexible management and delivery of training material to any employee in any location.

Executive Communications

Maintaining a connection with a large and highly dispersed workforce can be a challenge for organizations in the energy industry. The MediaPlatform enterprise video solution provides executives with the ability to reach employee around the globe with engaging live webcasts that feature PowerPoint, Q&A, chat, polls and more. Executives can also create pre-recorded video messages that live in the same platform as archived town hall and all-hands webcasts. Powering the delivery of this video content are the MediaPlatform eCDN SmartEdge and live stream delivery technology SmartPath.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

MediaPlatform video collaboration tools make it easy for employees and executives to quickly share knowledge and collaborate with their colleagues in any location. Screen recordings, screencasts, webcam recordings and mobile uploads can all be created from inside the office or the deck of an oil rig. By providing Energy workers with a central and searchable knowledge sharing portal that features simple to use tools to enable content creation and sharing, MediaPlatform powers collaboration for one of the world’s largest industries.

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