MediaPlatform for the Consulting Industry

Connecting and Training the Global Workforce

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MediaPlatform customers in the consulting industry leverage our enterprise video platform to communicate with their globally distributed employees, conduct live training webinars for clients and host external marketing events.

Tetra Tech

Flexible Solution

With a wide range of customizable features, MediaPlatform is the ideal video platform for multinational consulting firms that need to deliver interactive, multimedia experiences to large global audiences of employees or external viewers. “Our webcasts are great because all of our clients each have different needs and this system can accommodate those needs. Everyone has their own program, color schemes, and logos. Working with the MediaPlatform system, we are really able to customize the look and feel of every single event,” says Amber Siegel, Public Outreach Specialist at Tetra Tech, (NASDAQ: TTEK) a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services worldwide.

Internal Training and Development

MediaPlatform is an “always on” training solution at some of the world’s top consulting firms and is considered as vital to day-to-day operations as email or phone. The MediaPlatform solution can stream webcast feeds from video conferencing units in offices located around the world to audiences that range from 10 to over 100,000 viewers. Sales and products training, performance management, compliance sessions and more are delivered to employees in any location and viewed on desktop or mobile device.

Town Halls and All-Hands

Executives at consulting firms with global reach are faced with a unique set of challenges related to keeping employees engaged, informed and connected. To meet this challenge, organizations turn to MediaPlatform to power their company All-Hands and CEO Town Hall webcasts. High quality video, slides, chat and more allow for the creation of engaging executive messaging that can be streamed live to any remote office or viewed on-demand.

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