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Digital Workplace

We are watching corporate video use approach the cusp of proficiency. While many companies dipped their toes into video with YouTube channels, or used traditional video conferencing, others are committing to bigger plans. They see video as essential for digital transformation, a mandate for attracting and keeping talent, and an enterprise resource capable of driving organizational success.


Executives of elite companies are often as comfortable behind the camera as they are in the boardroom. They recognize the power of media to connect with remote audiences and to forge a common culture that spans legacy companies and geographic distance. Business broadcasts combine high production value, a reliable and scalable distribution architecture, and real-time audience and QOS insights to provide an exceedingly high-quality experience. The result brings leaders to the desktop or mobile device of every worker, making the connection between the individual and the mission personal. See it now.

Business Broadcasting


Collaboration teams are charged with auditing the use and cost of video tools being used across the organization. At many companies, video service creep has been buried as individual departments pursued point solutions – such as webinars for marketing, prospecting videos for sales, ‘corporate YouTube’ for employee onboarding and so on. More companies are evaluating a centralized video platform as a cost-effective alternative that provides the same level of enterprise-grade management, security, governance and reporting capabilities they have long required for their other documents and communications.

Video Consolidation


Gartner defines the Digital Workplace as one that “exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies” to increase workforce agility and increase employee engagement. Your employees are streaming live, accessing video online to learn and shop, and routinely creating and sharing videos; they expect to use video the same way in the workplace. Video is a fundamental tenet of digital transformation for its ability to speed knowledge transfer, increase productivity and enhance engagement and collaboration, particularly among increasingly mobile and remote workers. Download Gartner Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace


Security is often the main driver behind why a company is considering an enterprise video platform instead of an outsourced service. CEO and executive broadcasts contain proprietary and sensitive information that cannot be shared outside the company. MediaPlatform places a premium on security at every level: from user authentication to application security, from video delivery to caching, storage and CDN tokenization, and from infrastructure to operational processes that span from product development to releases, upgrades and management.

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