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Easy video capture via knowledge sharing platform

Content Creation & Sharing

MediaPlatform makes it easy for employees to collaborate and share knowledge, with easy video recording from desktop or mobile device. Employees can upload, embed or ingest content from Dropbox URL. PiP video, annotations and multi-screen recording make MediaPlatform the video creation solution for all your organization’s sales enablement and knowledge sharing needs.

Webex integration into Sales Enablement Application

Cisco WebEx Integration

If your organization is leveraging WebEx Meeting Center, Sales Center or Training Center, MediaPlatform is the central location for all of your content. MediaPlatform provides a searchable online repository for managing, publishing and distributing Cisco WebEx web conferences, online meetings and video conference recordings.

Knowledge sharing software in action

Interactive Sales Enablement

Enable sales presentations that feature live video, pre-recorded content, PowerPoint slides, screencasting and chat. Demonstrations are automatically archived and can be shared with prospects for repeat viewing. Video analytics are available to allow your sales team to gain additional insights into the effectiveness of their efforts.

Screen Recording and Screencasting

Create high-definition screen recordings and screencasts that can be viewed on desktop or mobile. Presentations can be of any length and include multiple monitors and PiP video.

Salesforce and Eloqua Integrations

The MediaPlatform integrations for Salesforce and Eloqua pass analytics on consumption and interaction with sales presentations back to the leading CRM and marketing automation solutions.

Video Search

All media content lives in a channel-based portal that can be searched across descriptions, tags, channels, contributors and slide decks. In addition to system-wide speech queries, transcripts for individual videos and archived webcasts can be searched for specific pieces of dialogue for knowledge sharing on-demand.

Content Management and Approval

Access to video content is managed through permission mapping with enterprise SAML systems. MediaPlatform allows organizations to precisely define which employees can access which content. Configurable workflows to require approval from an Administrator before a video asset can be published.

Knowledge Sharing Powered by MediaPlatform

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Benefits of Video for Knowledge Sharing

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