Launching an Internal Video Platform

Corporate communications professionals have many options to choose from when delivering messages to their internal audiences, but enterprise video platforms have emerged as the dominant employee communications medium for large-scale executive messaging and small group collaboration. Top organizations such as Citrix, Sprint and Wells Fargo have already embraced live and on-demand video for internal communications, and leading IT analyst firm Gartner, Inc. has identified the enterprise YouTube as an “emerging technology” that will help companies enhance communication with employees.

In this webinar recording, Paolo Tosolini, the internal communications expert who launched and managed the internal video platform at Microsoft, shares the lessons he has learned in his work helping organizations integrate online video. Mr. Tosolini also answers questions about which features and functionality are most important when selecting an internal video platform.

This webinar will cover the key elements of successful video programs:

  • The Importance of Infrastructure. Where are you going to put your videos?
  • Business Processes. How are you going to fill the video platform with media?
  • Adoption Strategy. Now that you have the video content and a platform, how are you going to attract viewers?