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Video Content Delivery Across the Enterprise

SmartEdge is an enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) focused on the acceleration and optimization of live and on-demand HTTPS video delivery across corporate networks. SmartEdge provides network-friendly streaming of secure, high quality on-demand video and live interactive webcasts to any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Benefits of an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN)

No Disruption of Network Traffic

SmartEdge provides a network with advanced streaming and dynamic caching features to optimize your existing infrastructure, and can function as the sole video distribution platform or integrate with other CDNs.

Positive Caching and Efficiency

For each piece of video content (ABR or Non-ABR), the SmartEdge eCDN provides an efficient means of dynamically determining a positive cache hit. If the cache data no longer matches what is on the origin server (for example, a newer version of the video is available) SmartEdge redirects the end user to pull the content from the origin server. In addition, the SmartEdge edge node updates the stale cache by fetching the new content from the origin server.

Live and On-Demand Delivery

SmartEdge works in conjunction with cloud or on-premises deployments of MediaPlatform PrimeTime and WebCaster, which combine to form the leading enterprise video platform on the market. SmartEdge lets you distribute video in multiple formats and enables delivery of content to your global workforce with support for adaptive bitrate streaming.

Video Pre-Positioning

Minimize network load and maximize cost savings by pre-positioning on-demand video content and maintaining a single stream across the WAN or LAN for live rich media webcasts.

Intelligent Video Caching

SmartEdge is a cost-efficient solution for deploying an eCDN specifically for video served from MediaPlatform PrimeTime and WebCaster. In contrast to generic HTTP optimization devices, which focus on generic caching of all HTTP traffic, and have high implementation costs that make deploying them strictly for video traffic too expensive for most organizations. SmartEdge can work as the sole distribution platform for video across an organization, or in conjunction with other enterprise or internet based CDNs.

Redundancy and Transparency

Each SmartEdge edge node provides a fall back capability to maintain redundancy in the distribution system so that each request for a video is able to fallback to another local edge node, or the origin server if the end user’s primary edge node is unavailable. This redundancy and fall back is handled by the MediaPlatform Unified Video Player when it detects that it cannot pull the video from the primary source, and it will continue to fall back to a different source until a successful source is discovered. The prioritized list of sources is defined at the MediaPlatform application level.

Administration From MediaPlatform PrimeTime

SmartEdge provides an administrative UI inside the MediaPlatform PrimeTime video portal, where each edge node can be directly administered. This video content delivery network allows for the configuration of edge nodes, and provides reporting and performance data for each edge node.

Software-Based Solution

SmartEdge can be purchased as software only, or as a hardware appliance which can be installed at network locations that require a plug and play solution. SmartEdge is comprised of autonomous edge nodes, and is strategically positioned on the network to serve as an edge cache for edge network locations where caching and pre-positioning is needed to provide optimal video quality with minimal network impact.

Technical Highlights of SmartEdge eCDN

MediaPlatform SmartEdge diagram for optimal video communications

Firewall Friendly

Only requires standard HTTP(80) and HTTPS(443) to be open.

Automatic Routing Logic

SmartEdge ensures that each end user watching video pulls content from the appropriate edge node where it is cached.

Caching on the Fly

MediaPlatform SmartPath manages distribution profiles for optimizing live streaming, failover, and redundancy. MediaPlatform SmartEdge is an enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) focused on the acceleration/optimization of HTTPS video delivery within the enterprise.

Byte Range Caching

Superb video playback using ABR technologies and Tier 1 CDNs. Support for HDS and HLS for live.

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