MediaPlatform Partner Profiles

Event planners, corporate communications companies, lead generation firms, marketing agencies, video production companies, and others can take advantage of MediaPlatform’s unique program to add webcasting to the list of services they offer their clients and exceed client expectations.

Mediaco Logo

Mediaco provides class leading audiovisual staging and technical event solutions around the world, with innovative and groundbreaking multimedia approaches to technically challenging special events, AGMs, sales meetings, media events and conferences.

WindRose Media is a media production company that specializes in overseeing large-scale, webcasts and other complex events. WindRose is active in many sectors, but the company has enjoyed particular success with government clients. In 2011, WindRose finalized an agreement to produce 51 educational webcasts for a major U.S. Government agency.

Worktank is an industry-leading producer of online video and webcasts for marketing. The agency uses MediaPlatform software to power webcasting for their clients who include Microsoft and AT&T.

Optimize Live and On-Demand Events

With MediaPlatform’s best-in-class, enterprise-level webcasting software, you can leverage your existing portfolio to offer unique, customized virtual events for your clients:

  • Reach tens of thousands of simultaneous live viewers
  • Customize templates and “skins” for each client
  • Flexible production teaming options
  • Detailed reporting and event data capabilities
  • Ability to mix on-camera presenters with pre-recorded material

Enhance Revenues

Create new revenue streams for yourself. Diversify your services by offering and creating a new distribution channel for your clients’ content.

Unique Program

MediaPlatform enables you to easily produce, track, and deliver webcasts. We will help you:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Create webcasts with functionalities and branding features unique to each client
  • Significantly lower production costs
  • Seamlessly switch to different remote presenters during a live event
  • Access our unique SaaS based technology anywhere

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