Enterprise Social Video for Better Internal Communication

Enhance employee engagement and improve employee productivity, motivation and community through enterprise social collaboration and unified communication sharing tools.

The role of corporate communications is evolving from pure content creation to content curation. With more and more enterprises embracing social media, knowledge sharing and employee generated content, the demand for tools that support internal communications-driven, bottom-up approach is increasing.

In a more social peer to peer (employee engaged) model, the goal is to enable experts within the organization to become the point of contact for their particular area of expertise. Empowering them to share their knowledge and to create content. Enterprise social video is proving to be the most effective and engaging way to do this. Of course crowd sourcing has its challenges, and the internal communications department has an important role to play in managing all of this employee generated content, making sure that the best content finds its way into more traditional communications and marketing channels, and to define some governance around the different sharing models and approval processes.

Communications professionals need the right tools to promote this new ground up approach to content creation and to face the challenges that come with it.

MediaPlatform delivers next generation video knowledge sharing and collaboration capabilities; opening up new interactive unified communication channels for employees. Solutions like MediaPlatform – an enterprise YouTube for live or on demand interactive video presentations, and our Web Service API’s for integrating with enterprise portals like Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle WebCenter will completely change the way people in your organization communicate.

Build Your Enterprise Video Platform with MediaPlatform

MediaPlatform is an excellent way to manage corporate collaboration, or employee contributed video content. MediaPlatform builds community and employee engagement with friendly video search and browsing, video upload, video capture, annotation, sharing, enterprise social collaboration and more.

  • Optimal Playback Experience – with adaptive bit-rate technology
  • Flexible Content Organization – through the MediaPlatform administration console
  • Easy End-User Media Upload – users can upload and share their own videos
  • Comprehensive Content Creation and Curation for Communication Professionals
  • Full Role Based Permissions and User Management
  • Full mobile support including iPhone & iPad Compatibility
  • A host of sharing and commenting tools
  • Comprehensive Video Search – easy search and browsing, with advanced search functionality
  • Integration with Enterprise Portals – Standard Web Service API integration with solutions like Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle WebCenter
  • Integration with Social Business Software – Standard Web Service API integration with solutions like Jive and Yammer

Enterprise Social Video for Interactive Presentations

MediaPlatform enables anyone in your organization to create and deliver rich interactive multimedia webcast presentations for knowledge sharing and video for unified communications.

  • Easy to learn and deploy for any department
  • Quickly create and launch live or on demand webcasts
  • Simple to integrate video or audio with PowerPoint, Chat, Q&A, Polling and Surveys
  • Scalable architecture can reach 50 employees or 50,000
  • Easily create archives for repeat viewing

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