MediaPlatform for the Technology Sector

Enabling Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

MediaPlatform works with some of the leading companies in the technology industry to provide enterprise video solutions. Our software is leveraged for streaming CEO town halls and training content to globally dispersed employees and delivering large-scale lead generation events to external audiences.


Corporate Communications

For visionary technology industry executives, the ability to connect with and inspire the workforce on a consistent basis is a must. At MediaPlatform, we offer the leading enterprise webcasting platform used by CEO’s such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen. With HD-quality video, chat and support for tens of thousands of live concurrent viewers from around the globe on any device, MediaPlatform is the go-to live streaming solution for innovative technology companies.

Corporate communications professionals in the technology industry are leaders in harnessing the power of the enterprise YouTube to convey company culture to the workforce, market products to the public and recruit new engineering talent through video. Technology companies need to deliver internal video communications to worldwide offices and remote employees, and the secure and searchable corporate video portal pioneered by MediaPlatform has become the industry’s preferred choice.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Team collaboration and knowledge sharing are pillars of operations inside today’s fast-moving technology companies. MediaPlatform enables timely employee generated content and sharing through screen recording, screencasting, webcam capture or smartphone upload. The premier enterprise video content creation and management platform, MediaPlatform helps technology organizations deploy a brandable, central portal for media assets created by executives or employees. Make your enterprise more social by adding searchable transcripts to Webex recordings, streaming live webcasts or on-demand video to SharePoint or Jive and integrating with video conferencing units.

Train Employees and Partners

Organizations in the technology industry strive to rapidly innovate, fuel growth and enable sales. To support these efforts, MediaPlatform partners with our technology customers to deliver a video solution that powers training and development initiatives for companies of all sizes. Tech talks, product launches and online courses and more can all be managed in the central enterprise YouTube platform.

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