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How an Enterprise Video Platform Builds Transparency, Loyalty, and Engagement

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Becoming a transparent business isn’t just a suggestion, it’s now a necessity. The benefits of a transparent business include stronger innovation for product development, increased employee engagement, a loyal and motivated staff, and a positive impact to your bottom line.

To achieve this level of transparency, many progressive organizations around the world are embracing internal social tools to help become more transparent.

Outdated e-mail and web conferencing technologies are paving the way for chat, video, and social collaboration tools. People now need communication that is in real time and highly interactive.

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It’s Not Too Late to Make your Business Social!

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From intranets to wikis, to instant messaging platforms to talent management software, more businesses are building a work environment where employee interaction is mediated by technology, rather than in person. The reason? To make workplaces more social, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

Some companies fear that they’ve missed the boat, and that it’s too late to go social. Or that it is impossible to get everyone on board. But this isn’t true! By following a few steps you can slowly transform your workplace into a social environment. Here are a few tips:

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