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Rich Media WebCasting Tools

The need to communicate and connect with employees and customers has driven the evolution of presentation technologies. Fueled by an ever greater demand for a richer, more engaging, interactive multimedia experience organizations are increasingly moving away from older web conferencing technologies, and towards solutions that incorporate video and social media.

Full Service Corporate Webcasting

MediaPlatform offers a full array of high-quality webcasting services and products. If your organization is in need of a full service corporate webcasting solution, you can learn more about our best-in-class offering here.

The Industry’s Best-In-Class Webcasting Software

MediaPlatform enables you to easily produce webcasts with presenters in one or multiple locations and reach audiences in excess of hundreds of thousands of live concurrent viewers. It enables you to produce, broadly distribute and monitor deeply interactive live and on-demand multimedia presentations that feature streaming video, PowerPoint® slides, audio, surveys, polls, screencasting and social media integration. MediaPlatform now supports multicast on the Adobe® Flash® Platform with the world’s first OSMF-based, multicast fusion streaming player. MediaPlatform offers unparalleled reach while still retaining the interactivity of traditional webinar software services.

Enterprise Benefits

  • Reach every employee, anywhere, on any network and any device
  • Make real connections between executives and employees
  • Make every employee no matter where they are feel a part of the corporate culture
  • Reach customers with compelling content and an engaging interactive video presentation
  • Lower  the barrier of entry to information about your products and services by allowing your customers to view on any device without downloads
  • Make it easy to create and deliver presentations
  • Reduce costs with a cloud-based deployment
  • Webinars with video and PowerPoint

MediaPlatform Webinar Software Feature Highlights

  • Multiple remote presenters
  • SmartPath streaming technology automagically delivers Flash, or HTTP Live Streaming (HDS,HLS) in either Unicast, MultiCast or Peer Assist Multicast to reach any viewer, on any network or mobile device, including the Apple iPad
  • Screencasting
  • Easily switch between live video and pre-recorded video or audio clips
  • PayPal Integration: Ability to charge for events
  • Playlist: Create and add live and/or on-demand content. Auto repeat in various ways
  • Auto-Archive: Auto-archiving with instantaneous availability for live events
  • Full HTML E-mail Editor: Use WYSIWYG rich text editing in emails you send from MediaPlatform
  • LiveEditor Integration: Complete integration with LiveEditor to coordinate with a central management screen
  • Custom Players and Skins: Maintain company branding during events
  • Deployment flexibility: On-site install, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or Cloud based (minimal IT involvement required)

MediaPlatform Webinar Software Technical Highlights

  • Advanced Technical Architecture: Designed for simple integration with other applications using Web services and the principle of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) which facilitates the development, expansion and interoperability of webcasting in your enterprise
  • Massive Scalability: Easily and securely scales from 100s to 100,000+ live viewers, allowing multiple simultaneous live events, and multiple remote presenters
  • LDAP and Active Directory Integration – MediaPlatform single sign on integration with internal and external authentication systems.
  • UTF-8 Support: Internationalization-multibyte character encoding
  • In-Depth Reporting and Automatic Certification: Detailed and customized reports about the audience. Produce certificates of attendance in PDF form, with your own defined rules for eligibility
  • Security and Role-Based Permissions: MediaPlatform is a highly secure, password or IP address protected webcasting environment. System content can be maintained behind the firewall or on 3rd party Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) – a specific webcast can be distributed to a controlled list of users or to everyone in the company
  • SmartPath streaming technology automatically delivers Flash, HTML5 or HTTP Live Streaming in either Unicast, MultiCast or Peer Assist Multicast
  • Built on Adobe’s Flash Enterprise Media Server with Multicast Fusion technology