Video Webcasting Solutions

Video Streaming Services on Any Network or Device


Live video streaming in corporations and comparable organizations has grown increasingly challenging in the last few years. While most information workers and managers now expect unimpeded access to live video content, devices and delivery technologies have proliferated. Your employees, customers and partners expect high quality video wherever they happen to be – inside or outside the firewall – on multiple video platforms and devices. The result is an uneven patchwork of  video delivery that can be frustrating for the audience as well as for the IT department that supports video in the enterprise.

MediaPlatform has pioneered several new approaches to live video streaming solutions and services that enable a pervasive delivery of presentations across virtually any type of delivery scenario:

  • MediaPlatform SmartPath technology - MediaPlatform’s video solution to the challenges of delivering webcast presentations to all audience members is to operate the webcast on an “overlay network,” an abstraction layer leverages all necessary distribution options when appropriate. This approach uses a rule-based IP address analysis, and automatic device detection to assign a compatible stream to each delivery technology dynamically.
  • Multicast fusion on the Adobe® Flash® Platform - MediaPlatform developed the industry’s first OSMF player to take advantage of the new multicasting capabilities of Flash Media Enterprise Server. Multicast fusion on the Adobe Flash Platform combines traditional IP-based multicasting using Flash with a new “application level multicasting” capability that enables secure, well-governed peer-to-peer content delivery. MediaPlatform’s SmartPath streaming leverages Multicast Fusion, in addition to HDS and HLS HTTP Streaming, as part of its enterprise video streaming architecture.
  • Peer-to-Peer Multicasting from the Cloud - We give you the ability to reach your entire internal audience (behind the firewall) from a cloud-based Flash Media Server. This unique capability enables users in your network to create an ad-hoc peer-to-peer content sharing network. The P2P network is extensively controlled and secure. The result is universal webcasting without requiring the purchase or installation of any software or hardware behind your firewall.
  • HTTP Streaming that Leverages WAN acceleration technology – MediaPlatform’s integration with appliances for WAN Acceleration like Riverbed’s Steelhead, allows you to leverage that technology to stream live video more efficiently inside your network.
  • Dynamic Adaptive Bit-Rate Streaming Technology - For video on-demand MediaPlatform’s enterprise video portal supports the latest adaptive  streaming video technologies to provide a smooth video playback experience for users with varying network bandwidths to their desktop. This ensures that playback begins promptly and can support HD quality if the available network bandwidth to the users desktop is sufficient, or automatically provide a lower quality bit rate stream if it isn’t. Since this adaptive bit rate streaming is dynamic, the stream will adjust up or down as the users available network bandwidth varies.
  • Flexible Deployment Options – SaaS, Hybrid-SaaS, or On-Premise deployment options provide the flexibility that today’s enterprise customers need to find the right balance between fast, cost effective implementations, enterprise scalability and security.