Video Portal

Managing Video for Business


If your organization is like most today, your workers are creating a large volume of online video content. This content ranges from recorded video conferences and user-generated material to high-end productions. Managing hundreds or even thousands of hours of video can be a challenge, however. Most content management systems are not equipped to handle video material in a way that benefits information workers.

Ideally, workers should be able to search for, view, rate and share video material as they might on a consumer site such as YouTube – but, with the privacy and access control expected in a private enterprise. To address this need, MediaPlatform has created PrimeTime, the industry’s most advanced enterprise rich media management and video portal. Built with social computing capabilities, it enables your organization to preserve valuable knowledge by expanding the reach of its video communications.

Launch Your Own Video Portal & Video Management Platform

Easy to install and customize, PrimeTime is an excellent way to showcase high-quality video content with minimal setup. Use it to create an enterprise video portal or create mini-sites for each division or department.

  • Optimal Playback Experience – MediaPlatform’s enterprise video management portal supports the latest adaptive  streaming technologies to provide a smooth video playback experience for users with varying network bandwidths to their desktop. This ensures that playback begins promptly and can support HD quality if the available network bandwidth to the users desktop is sufficient, or automatically provide a lower quality bit rate stream if it isn’t. Since this adaptive bit rate streaming is dynamic, the stream will adjust up or down as the users available network bandwidth varies.
  • Flexible Content Organization – through the PrimeTime administration console custom channels can be easily configured and channel groupings created, assets can be assigned, role based security configured, and assets can be tagged for advanced searching functionality
  • Easy End-User Media Upload with Automated Transcoding – users can upload and share their own videos, in any file format without concern for the complexity of video delivery on multiple browsers and devices. MediaPlatform’s encoders automatically transcode  to multiple output formats for compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices.
  • Full Mobile Support Including iPhone & iPad Compatibility - With full support for both HDS and HLS HTTP Streaming
  • Social Video Solution for the Social Enterprise - With MediaPlatform’s enterprise video portal it’s easy to make video for business become social. User can search, rate, share, and comment on video’s and other multimedia assets.
  • Comprehensive Video Search – Advanced search functionality can search keywords in the title, description and tags, in addition to searching by category, submission date, ratings, contributors and media types.
  • Enterprise Grade Security – Full integration with LDAP and Active Directory, and the ability to map user roles and permissions provides and enterprise grade solution for security
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics – Both MediaPlatform PrimeTime and WebCaster offer rich analytic data on video on-demand and live video events, down to the individual viewer and video asset.
  • Full Web Services API’s - MediaPlatform’s solutions are built on an open SOA platform for easy web services based API integration with intranet portals and social business applications like SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebCenter, Jive, and Yammer