Training and Education

MediaPlatform for Corporate Training Videos

Example of corporate training materials made through the use of MediaPlatform products

As workforces become more distributed and mobile, training becomes more challenging. Travel budgets are tight and the need to deliver highly interactive live training events virtually, as well as the need to make training videos and corporate training materials available to the mobile workforce for any-time consumption is becoming mission critical for many enterprises. The challenge for training professionals is not only to get the right information to the right employees, but also to improve learning and retention. Many studies have shown that video is a more memorable way to learn than any other media. By using corporate training videos and giving employees the ability to learn when and how they like, participation goes up and employee success is supported.

MediaPlatform gives training organizations the tools to create rich interactive video training presentations and to deliver them as part of a complete video education portal.

  • Manage the video aspects of the complete training program life-cycle
  • Set up custom course templates with downloadable files and interactive polls and surveys.
  • Invite trainees, register them and track attendance.
  • Connect trainees and instructors anywhere on any platform or device. MediaPlatform’s software-only, Flash-based interface lets you have multiple instructors in remote locations with trainees in attendance online in virtually any location.
  • Test and issue certificates of course attendance
  • Track trainee engagement and course completion
  • Easily create a custom video portal where employees can access training videos and webcasts from any browser or mobile device
  • Charge for training, or not – Our pay-per-view option allows you to charge trainees tuition for the course. We process the transactions and transmit 100% of the funds to you.


Professional Online Educational Training Videos

MediaPlatform has developed a specialization in the use of webcasting for continuing professional education. Our clients in this category include independent educational entities as well as global professional services firms. Professional education course providers find numerous advantages to the MediaPlatform solution, including:

  • Flexible testing and certificate creation capability
  • Pay-per-view option
  • Auditable records of attendance of education training videos viewings
  • Customized audience interface for branding and sponsor graphics placement
  • Extensive audience reach, inside and outside the firewall, to multiple platforms, browsers and mobile devices